Memories of Cornwall / A Far Distant Time!




I have, in my possession, three poems from an 1800‘s woman who used to write for her own pleasure now and then. She was a slim black haired lady who tied her  long hair back with a band.


She had one daughter. Her daughter went on to produce a family and their descendants are still alive and well in Cornwall today.


Her history was that she was of a family in Canada who didn’t do too well having previously moved over there from Great Britain.


She, as daughter, came back to Britain alone and took up residence in a semi abandoned farm cottage. Later on she became pregnant and had a baby daughter in that same cottage.


The Cottage was on the Cornish Moors and the loneliness of a stand alone stone cottage, is one of the major  incentives for poetry writing, especially in places such as Bodmin Moor.


I have three of the poems and her descendant family also hold more of these poems, of hers, over in Cornwall.


I’m putting these three poems on this website because I feel that they are worth sharing. Also because I couldn’t think of any other way of sharing them other than on here:-



Andrew Siddle                            15/06/21