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(The Derbyshire Coat of Arms of the Siddle Family, from Coal mining days, when a branch of the UK Sydall family engaged in deep cast coal mining pit shoring  as technical solution carpenters.)

The Official Coat of Arms of the Royal House of Alaouite/Alawite in Morocco of North Africa. This is within what is the Berber/Arab area called Maghreb of North Africa.


This is the official coat of arms of the Royal House of Alawite/Alaouite in Morocco. HRH Prince Andrew Siddle, of the Western Sahara and Morocco, is entitled to use this coat of arms as the  Son in Law of Moulay Hassan II ( deceased).  Brother in law of Mohammed Vi. Uncle of Prince Moulay Hassan III and Uncle of Princess Lalla Khadija of Morocco. His Islamic name , for Arabic culture   purposes, is Mustafa within                                                                                  Arab/African Moorish culture in Maghreb which is in North Africa.

هذا هو شعار النبالة الرسمي للبيت الملكي العلوي / العلوي في المغرب. يحق لصاحب السمو الملكي الأمير أندرو سيدل من الصحراء الغربية والمغرب استخدام شعار النبالة هذا باعتباره . صهر مولاي الحسن الثاني (متوفى).  صهر محمد السادس. عم الأمير مولاي الحسن الثالث وعم الأميرة المغربية للا خديجة. اسمه الإسلامي ، لأغراض الثقافة العربية ، هو مصطفى ضمن الثقافة العربية / الأفريقية المغاربية في المغرب العربي الذي يقع في شمال إفريقيا.

إِنْ تَنْصُرُوا اللهَ يَنْصُرُكُمْ

A Welcome to Spring

Sing low dear friend,
let the weariness of winter now fall away,
whistle your time till the buds rise and break to spring time fun,
green stems sway and bow to your low pitched tune.
Sing low and watch the green man scatter his seed,
the seed of new growth under the watchful gaze of his steady eye.
Daffodils spring forth from their lifeless beds,
gently tossing their pillows aside.
Growing stronger with each new smile,
getting bigger with each new born day.
Watch for the Snow Drops and let the pansies grin once more,
smiling at the sun as only they know how,
oh how the clouds and the wind pass by.
Sing low old friend let your breeze now cover my face,
another morning and another day,
let the sun now guide the way,

so let spring begin. 



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