Just Andrew Siddle 

إِنْ تَنْصُرُوا اللهَ يَنْصُرُكُمْ


Reflections of Time




Don't cry for me if the wind blows through my soul,

it whistles sweetly of the times gone by it stole,

times of love and times of strife and hate,

still it blows as cobwebs tear our fate.


Don't feel distressed if my eyes show flames of old,

they burn so fiercely but all inside is cold,

all the plans that we presume to set,

burn to cinders for time does not regret.


Fret you not if I frown to see your face,

so many years I could but fall from grace,

your beauty was truly all I felt inside,

a presence of soul not fears to hide behind.


Cry not for me when I meet my final call,

and Charon trawls the waters as I fall,

what worth sees he to my shattered self gone by,

so I return and strive to fly so high.


Not me my friend all old fights have gone,

a darkened book of photos; yes once they shone,

but too old are they and waves of time now flow,

no one to see or resurrect their glow.


Let me sit and sip the wine of youth,

I'll reinvent and come right back as proof,

bother me not with times that have now flown,

let me fly with schemes so new as shown.



© All Rights Reserved - Andrew Siddle