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Andrew Siddle is an ex film industry stuntman, poet, and was vocalist/guitarist to the first line up of the band Ednaswap


Economy , geronomy, where to next?




Give me a glass of interest rates spiked,
I'll tell you a tale of prices that were hiked.
Fluctuating value & folks that want some more,
knock them down "a tad" till we all can see the score.
Notching up the pressure so my gut it feels so tight,
feel that gut a burning & heart burn scorching right.
Feed me on your numbers and make them taste just right,
Economy, Geronomy, did we ask to do this fight.
Hit a record high till our futures in the sky,
and financial guru wizards who can't look you in the eye.
Economy, Geronomy, fight like Geronimo,
base rate upwards so we don't know where to go,
give me a shoe shine and make it double quick,
mortgage rates increase, Bailey's sent a kick.
Interest rates news and property takes a dive,
waiting for the slump and mocking with high five.
Shares and scares and interest rates are we up or down.
If you just keep your head your sure to wear the crown.
So 5.25 base and tell me what comes next,
If we drop to 2% will the others then be vexed.
Economy, Geronomy, taking up the strain,
blood pressure rising and base rates do the same!
© Andrew Siddle - All rights reserved on written poetry - 2024


Well....it's like this.....I don't think I could possibly live through 20023/2024, or maybe even 2025, without writing a little "ditty" about the Uk economy and base rates and interest rates.....seems that is all people do write about these dates at the mo'!

Russian supplies of oil & petroleum products  were cancelled to the Uk and this resulted in shops, and services, and logistics organisations, panicking and increasing prices in a manner that led to hyper inflation.

By late spring this year, following intervention by the bank fo England, the Uk are predicted to have reduced inflation back to below 2% which will be less than the  present rate of inflation in most of North America.

The act of doing so may well be worth doing but has caused untold pain to many people living in the UK.Personal pain in terms of their personal finances and life/lives.

However "untold pain" is nothing compared to the deaths caused by the Russian- Ukrainian war.

Until the hyper inflation panic, in the Uk, Russia was the largest supplier of Petroleum products both to the Uk and also many E.U. countries as well.

It is hoped that a price battle between supermarkets, and various businesses and logistics companies, will result in prices to the public going down to pre-crisis levels once  United Kingdom inflation drops to 2%.

Bailey, mentioned in the poem, is a reference to Andrew Bailey who is/was Governor of the Bank of England as at the time of writing!

Andrew Siddle                                                                                                                                                                                                 04/02/24