Just Andrew Siddle 



On the Road to Somewhere?

On the road to somewhere distant ahead,
a far distant vista both new and unsaid,
onward and forward or be left behind,
time is a calling for all that we'll find.

Just a little further it's over the hill,
I'll ride on much faster just for the thrill,
bouncing through pot holes a rough ride road,
but the future is calling in all we've been told.

I'll lower my visa against the sun's gleam,
riding much faster to a lifestyle unseen,
leaving the past for others to hold,
our dead are gone not here to behold.

So I'll sing you a song of Oasis in time,
a place to move on to for the past's just a bind,
joyful in finding that yesterday's gone,
all of those bad times resigned to a song.

So give me the morning and an open road,
my future is dawning not here to be sold,
A cloud of dust is all you will see,
then that is me gone for the new place to be.

© Apr 2016 - Andrew Siddle