A Call to Life

For the flower blooms but for a while,
as youth and love reveal a smile,
a smile at jest and youthful style,
a time for all who run the mile.

Then when the mile is run and passed.
nought but memories now last,
so cast your seed and spread it all,
as time and space will not recall.

Your page in life is all but set,
from day of birth that's what you'll get,
so shirk not with all doubts that call,
your mind must clear or you may fall.

Grasp each chance that comes your way,
or lead your life in times decay,
a glowing orb by planets fled,
but once then gone it's time was said.

Life is set and life is great,
but wait not for your time so late,
each new morning passing by,
one day less beneath the sky.

© Andrew Siddle - All rights reserved