Siddle Tartan Design



The Siddle Family Tartan  design was commissioned in the year 2006. It was then designed and registered by Maxine Scott of the House of Tartan , Perthshire,  in Scotland. The House of Tartan is a company that was established by Blair Urquhart an international textiles expert and lecturer on tartan design and history.


The new tartan was commissioned  as a reminder of the traditions of my mother’s side of the family. My mother’s father Henry Crawford was of the Lanarkshire Crawford line of lowland Scotland. His family moved down into northern England in the 1800‘s to take advantage of work opportunities in the coal mining industry. Henry ( alias Harry  - died in 1966) became Managing Director of the Fell Coal Company and Marketing Director for Choppington Colliery. He basically ran teams of Shire Horses with carts to deliver coal door to door in  north east England. 


Henry Crawford  liked to keep with his family’s Scottish heritage traditions and used the Lindsay Dress Clan tartan for special events (Lindsay took over the Crawford Clan and became head clan to it back in history ) whilst still having relatives from our Scottish side of the family visiting him in northern England on special occasions. Basically Siddle Tartan is a redesign of Lindsay Dress Clan Tartan (red) ,which Henry Crawford used to use, to create a completely new Siddle Tartan .


Back in the 1980's I used to visit Holyroodhouse Palace, in Scotland, while Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was residing there.  May she rest in peace since her death on the 30th March 2002! My visits were part of my Intelligence work operations  and I was invited to visit Holyroodhouse Palace, in Scotland, by HRH Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother    (mother of Queen Elizabeth II). This was as an Armed Intelligence Emissary from Section 6 of the Military Intelligence services (1985 - 1992), Vauxhall Cross, London.Following an incident in which a supposed security guard drew a commando knife I shot the man dead using a Beretta Revolver that I had in my suit jacket as part of my job. The Queen mother thereafter sent me several letters, and telephoned me, and always on the best possible terms. The shooting was in the press worldwide. As a UK state armed Intelligence agent I had 100% diplomatic immunity,  from prosecution, to use firearms in defending the Queen mother or any other member of the Royal Family. Following this, and much later on, it  made sense, to me, to restore a memory of the Scottish side of my family ,  as an example of our Great British heritage for the future. The restoration of this memory lies within the new tartan design created by Maxine Scott of Perthshire.


There are two sides to every family and my family likewise. The Siddle name comes from northern England and commences with the 6th century dark age saxon period when England was still called Albion Country.  So our family are basically half lowland Scottish and half Albion period northern English in our Great British tradition.




Siddle Tartan Registration Details



Reference: 10302


Designer: Scott, Maxine


Tartan date: 21/04/2006


Registration date: 26 October 2010


Category: Name


Restrictions: Yes. This tartan may be worn, or the weaving authorised, by anyone who is a relative or descendant of Sir Andrew David Siddle. Alternatively by anyone who bears the exact same spelling of the surname, for their personal use only (not for commercial gain or profit).




Registration notes:


The Siddle tartan was designed in 2006 as a new family tartan. It was previously recorded as STWR ref.3253 and STA ref.6912. The Siddle family surname can be traced back to the Dark Ages in ancient Wessex but is nowadays associated with the North West and North East counties, having been pushed northwards during the Saxon period. This tartan is for the particular branch of the Siddle family which is half Scottish through its connection to the Crawford Clan of Lanarkshire, through the owner’s mother's father, Henry (nickname Harry) Crawford, whose family moved into England in the 1800s. The Crawford Clan is associated with the Lindsay Clan. The owner’s grandfather therefore wore the Lindsay Dress Clan tartan which has been adapted to provide a new tartan for the Siddle family.


Woven Sample: A woven sample of this tartan has been received by the Scottish Register of Tartans for permanent preservation in the National Records of Scotland.



Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother  (died - 30th March 2002) , Holyrood House Palace,Scotland, UK




Photo of the Queen Mother (Mother to Queen Elizabeth II) thoroughly enjoying an official engagement at a local hostelry.