Towards a Distant Horizon (Rambling all the Way!)



Towards a Distant Horizon (Rambling all the Way!)





This is the fourth book in the series of poetry volumes by Andrew Siddle.The quintessential Andrew Siddle mix of rhyme, prose poem, illustrations, and author's random observations ( or Distant Ramblings as they are!)...:-


Towards a Distant Horizon: (Rambling all the Way!)

Authored by Andrew D Siddle

6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm) 

Black & White on White paper













Poetry is an art form that was invented for the people and was originally by the people. Academics, and cultural pedants, can keep poetry classics from previous centuries on their dusty book shelves for as long as they want. The truth is that a glorious oral cultural tradition, such as poetry, does not belong in a University , or College, or academic journal.


Poetry belongs on the street where it was invented. For every academic spouting prose about the in depth meaning of some  classic poem wording, written maybe 300 years ago, there is a  little rhyme being formed on the pavement during a walk to work.


So long as poets such as Pam Ayres keep this oral tradition alive poetry will continue as a cultural norm. I developed an interest in publishing some of my poetry having been introduced to May  people such as Kevin, the owner of, continue the good work of websites such as this for as long as can be.


It is all about keeping culture and art where they belong. Where they belong is on the street and with the people.



 Andrew Siddle




REVIEW - Andrew Siddle Poetry series  - "The Travelling Man" 2018.



The Travelling Man: Mythology, Folklore & New Age Culture Collide – in Eclectic Poetry by Andrew Siddle.


With volumes including ‘Distant Ramblings’, ‘Rambling Man is Moving On’, ‘Further on Up the Road’ and the latest ‘Towards a Distant Horizon’ – each of Andrew Siddle’s compelling and emotive verses blends a unique cocktail of mythology, modern street poetry, nature, travel and ancient traditions. With each volume also containing a series of pictures and introductions to each poem, Siddle’s work goes beyond convention to leave readers reconsidering many areas of their lives.






United Kingdom – While many poets shoebox their work into a single genre, mood or style, the UK’s Andrew Siddle refuses to conform to convention. In fact, for lack of a better analogy, Siddle threw the literary rulebook out of the window years ago. He has also lived an unconventional life, rising from a career as a property and land specialist, while also working on occasional projects for UK Intelligence Services, for missions abroad, in his earlier years.


His varied life experiences have resulted in four bold, reflective and highly-uplifting volumes of poetry that cover a broad range of ancient mythology, modern street poetry, travel, nature and culture. In short, Siddle’s work is timeless.




‘Distant Ramblings’ - This is a book of poetry by Andrew D Siddle. The poems are all in the form of everyday observations both about life and about aspects of modern culture and mythology.Some of the poems are in rhyme, some in popular prose poem style, and one is in limerick form. Andrew Siddle has been writing poetry since the year 1983. This anthology of his work takes what have been the best of his poems and puts them into a book form called Distant Ramblings. An introduction page is offered for each poem together with a photo book plate illustration. Each poem introduction page outlines why the poem was written, what it means, and any interesting bits of information, or "Distant Ramblings" as they are, about each poem.


‘Rambling Man is Moving On’ - This is a book of poetry by Andrew Siddle. It is the second in a series of his published books of poetry.All of the poetry is contemporary , New Age, or about mythology and history. Andrew has been writing poetry since the year 1983. Each poem is accompanied by a photo book plate and a description of why the poem was written or what it is about.


‘Further On Up the Road’ - This is the third book in the series of poetry books written by Andrew Siddle. An inspiration from life and events going back to 1983! Plus interesting interpretations of historical and mythological events converted to poetry....and all in one book! The book consists of author's observations and introductions to each poem, photo illustrative book plates, and interesting comments or "distant ramblings" by the author!


‘Towards a Distant Horizon: (Rambling all the Way!)’ - Once again here is the quintessential Andy Siddle mix of rhyme, prose poem, illustrations, and author's random observations, or Distant Ramblings, as they are!


“I call this entire series ‘The Travelling Man’ – written to appeal to a wide audience from teenagers to adults, and each inspired by my life over the past three decades” explains the author. “It all started back in 1983 when my first love, Tina Braybrook, stood up in front of the English literature class at Tresham College of Further Education and dedicated the poem that she recited to the class to me. From that moment on, poetry has been my creative focus and a huge driving force in my life.”


Continuing, “Each poem in this series starts with an introduction to give background to its inspiration and structure. But don’t expect a book of just conventional verses; there are also cinquains and limericks, making it a diverse and brave collection.”


Reviews have been positive. For example, J  loved ‘Rambling Man is Moving On’, writing, “The poetry in this book is mostly contemporary, sometimes of historical interest, sometimes New Age culture and sometimes classical; but always trying to give a little something to please everyone.”


All volumes in ‘The Travelling Man’ are available now:


For more information, visit the author’s website:


Paper back and ebook versions available from Blackwells Books, in the UK, and Barnes and Noble Books in the USA.



About the Author:


The author is, by profession a property and land specialist. He is a Fellow of the Property Consultants Society and has been a Fellow of the Institute of Paralegals. He researches, and contributes towards, academic matters relating to Property and land  in the UK and also deals with land and property technical matters in Practice.


Through both public policy research, within the Centre for Urban & Regional Studies, and his own external research interests he was one of a number of contributors paving the way for the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 back in the 1990's.



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