Rambling Man is Moving on




This is a book of poetry by Andrew Siddle. It is the second in a series of published books of poetry. All of the poetry is contemporary , New Age, or about mythology and history. Andrew has been writing poetry since the year 1983. Each poem is accompanied by a photo book plate and a description of why the poem was written or what it is about.







Paperback: 212 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace

Author : Andrew D Siddle

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1511685727

ISBN-13: 978-1511685726

Product Dimensions: 15.2 x 1.2 x 22.9 cm








Rambling Man is Moving on is the second of series of two books of poetry by Andy Siddle.The first book, called Distant Ramblings, was the product of over thirty years of writing poetry.The book takes its name from the famous Rhythm and Blues guitarist J J Cale and the lyrics to some of his music. Andy has been a great fan of Rhythm and Blues music for several decades.The poetry in this book is mostly contemporary, sometimes of historical interest, sometimes New Age culture and sometimes classical; but always trying to give a little something to please everyone.







The Roamin' Road

Life's cut short when a man's hemmed in,
no where to go and a bottle of gin,
who ever said a Tiger would stay and just sit,
when the road winds on for a traveller to hit.

Roads of the distance are a man's place to be,
never stay long there are places to see,
a man wasn't made to sit on a couch,
with a beer gut diction and a permanent slouch.

So the village on the hill top is where I'll be gone,
and even when there I will not stay long,
for the world is so wide and the oceans so deep,
don't cage me in my soul you shan't keep.

Weep will I not for the places that I leave,
time travels on and these dusty roads heave,
as the Heavens bake the tarmac with the midday sun,
get my bags packed there is travel to be done.