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Hi to all!


Well I am Andrew Siddle I guess. I've been married twice and am a widower from my second marriage. I was born in a small town called Padiham which is in the County of Lancashire, UK. I'm from a  family with three children. Two boys and one girl originally. Nothing especially exciting about Padiham. Just a small quiet town. Very quiet; and small. 


I'm the son of Jean Crawford , Aka Jean Siddle who was the ex Deputy Head of Northants Education Authority area Cottingham Primary School in the 1970's, from Redcar in County Cleveland who was born in 1925. Also of Brian Siddle (deceased - died in 2009 and was a career grade Royal Insurance Group insurance inspector) who was born in Darlington City which is in County Durham. I believe Darlington City used to be classified as North Yorkshire, and not County Durham, in 1933 when he was born.  Cleveland is/was County Cleveland as the words are used the opposite way around. Unlike areas further south a lot of northern counties place the word "County" before the place name instead of after it. So where as Northamptonshire may be called Northants County Cleveland is not. The same, in fact, as  some counties in Ireland such as County Antrim which is never called Antrim County. To make matters more complicated Cleveland was abolished , due to geographic administrative local changes, in 1996. Complicated? Yes you bet it is!


My parents moved to 2 Scott Close, Market Harborough, Leicestershire in the early 1980's and many people assume that to be where I lived as well. While it is true that I had a room kept for me at my parents home I wasn't really living in that area any more by that stage in time. I had my first son by the age of 16 to 17 and my first wife had a flat on Park Road, in Kettering, Northants.


I had  a rental property on Knowles Close, Rushden, Northants back in 1984/1985. I then moved on to a rental house in South Normanton at 28 South Street, Derbyshire. Then later to Teasal Way in West Ham, East London. Also then 21 Victoria Road, Harborne, which is in Birmingham. I never really lived in Market Harborough in my teenage years, or twenties, though a number of people thought that I was there. I wasn't! I wasn't there at all! However nobody ever bothered to mention that I had moved on elsewhere to local people in the vicinity. For the two years that I was studying for a business Diploma, in Wigston Magna, I did however stay at Market Harborough for a while which was 1986 and 1987.


I had a room, later in time, kept for me for a little while at Holyroodhouse Palace, Edinburgh, which was the home of Queen Elizabeth the Queen mother

(wife of deceased King George VI). This was later in time when I did some work as an armed Intelligence Agent to SIS/Mi6. You can read more about this later on here. I was there for work and this followed on from an earlier Ministry of Defence / SIS work contract, testing for Anthrax spore readings, on Gruinard Island, Scotland, when I was sleeping on the island in a tent for a while.


Combined with a period as a down and out sleeping rough by the banks of the river Thames my whole life swings from the absurd to the sublime in places. It was by the late 1980's that my father completely banned me from visiting the family home  at Scott Close for a period of time. So I stayed with a group of meths swigging down and outs, and street tramps, by the banks of the River Thames instead. Not many people know but there are stretches of the river Thames , in central London, that have little sandy areas like beaches. With a fire lit and cardboard boxes to sleep under that is where the 1980's meths drinkers and tramps used to gather. The stars were bright and Father Thames flung Poseidon's trident far far into the high tide depths of the Thames. Far into the rippling and gurgling tide.


I was banned from the family home in the late 1980's because I had started to appear in the national press for various events that I had become involved in all over the country. My father objected to me becoming well known but I had stopped caring about that. Having been banned I sat next to my new found friend Father Thames in London. There under the call of the bells of Big Ben I made a resolution. My resolution was simple. Apart from my paid time in work, and from that day forward, I would never in my life obey another man. Whosoever and what so ever he be.  Be it the top of society or the very bottom of society's fabric. I refuse to obey any man anywhere on this planet. Unless it is for the purpose of paid work that I have agreed to do. So the meths drinkers sang by the fire and the cold night painted it's dark canvas with sparks of light as the stars swirled and filled the infinite depths of time with inner sight.


These days I seem to have spent rather a lot of  hours writing poetry. However; I've been a property consultant since I first started my career with property and land issues all the way back in the year 1983. I am also an ex member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. I originally joined the RICS , having obtained a fully exempting Land Administration degree at East London University when I was living in West Ham back in the mid 1980's. My home, at the time, was a rented flat on Teasal way in West Ham. Teasal Way is just off of Manor Road, and very close to Manor Road tube station, in West Ham, East London.


The University was previously known as  East London Polytechnic in the 1980's  , North East London Polytechnic,  and also East London Technical College back in the 1960's.


When I was there Mike Chitty F.R.I.C.S., was course head and all of the RICS General Practice degree courses were taught at Duncan House in Stratford, East London. Duncan House went on to be the Department of Legal Studies later.


It is not possible to become a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors without having an appointed supervisor. My supervisor was Michael Crush. Michael was a Planning Surveyor , with general practice knowledge, who lived in the West End of London but lectured on matters to do with surveying at East London University.


Michael Crush was the son of a rich deceased Westminster Banker, who left Michael as a City of Westminster orphan following his death, and his family came from Cambridgeshire / Norfolk & Suffolk areas of East England. His full professional title was Michael Crush M.A.( Cantab) M.R.T.P.I., F.R.I.C.S. In the same way that mine has now become Andrew Siddle., B.Sc(Hons)., M.Soc.Sc., M.B.A., M.A., F.P.C.S. in more recent times. 


Mike was not only our planning lecturer but also a great friend to the students who was never too high to share a pint of beer with the lads. He died,  at what I would call a young age,  in his sixties at a property in Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk. He loved Bury St. Edmunds dearly because of it's fascinating history and the Abbey. The only place he loved more was Cambridge University where he got his MA degree and studied history as his major academic discipline. It was his love of history that led to an interest in historic architecture then property & land planning Matters. 


I used to spend time over at his West London apartment, for professional assessment training matters, and at the pub at the end of his road which was Chiltern Street, London, W1. His apartment that he got at a very cheap peppercorn rent  , because of being a poor  London orphan, at Wendover Court, West London. Michael Crush was famous,  in the property profession only , for smashing previous Planning decisions made by Dorset and Weymouth Councils within an arbitration court room / tribunal setting. This being as part of the Property Profession normal work because he was Head of a London Borough Planning Authority at the time. He was also famous for the amount of real ale that he could put down in London pubs.


My main career is and will always be property and land consultancy. Since 1983 I have worked on property & land consultancy, and research, projects that have included:-



* Country Park Land Development in Northamptonshire for Northamptonshire County Council. This included work, as Development Officer, towards the development of Brixworth Country Park and also the Brampton Valley Way rural country parks.


* Land law research as one of the many contributors to the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000. This was through a Public Policy Research Unit. The research was carried out at the Centre for Urban and Regional Studies which is an advisory policy research centre. It provides quality policy research to both H.M. Government  departments and the private sector. It is part of the University of Birmingham at the Edgbaston campus.


* Paralegal document writing including Deeds of Trust, Wills, bespoke tenancies and licences.


* The creation, and management, of a new lettings and property management agency  in Birmingham City called Britannia Property Services in the year 1993. This was in conjunction with an Enterprise scheme run by Birmingham Chamber of Commerce.


* Project management for bespoke property and land projects.


* The creation, and management, of a small property and land owning  Trust Company. 


* New Home Sales closing everywhere and anywhere between Ely, in  Cambridgeshire , and Alfreton in Derbyshire.                                                                                                              

* Creation of bespoke property investment portfolios for investment clients in the West Midlands.                                                                                                                                   

Socially I have been married twice and have had four children so far through marriage. I also  had two further daughter's by relationships between my two marriages having already been divorced from my first marriage.


One such daughter, not through marriage, was born in Rushden, Northamptonshire and is my natural daughter. She still lives and works in Northamptonshire. She is the daughter of  her deceased mother, a flower shop owner, who worked just off Rushden High Street on the same side of the road as the old Rose and Crown pub but further up. She went into Pharmacy for work for a living. Assuming she still does the same job now. The other daughter , not part of one of my marriages, died in a canal boat accident drowning at her home, a canal narrow boat, in North Nottinghamshire.


Two of my children through marriage  died and my eldest natural daughter, Tina, carried on to start her own family. Tina my eldest  daughter  was born close to Park Road Junior School in Kettering, Northants, at a ground floor flat on Park Road. I think 169 Park Road was the number of the property which was always split into two flats. One above the other. It is within sight of Park Road Junior School. She was later moved to Rushton Road in Desborough, Northants. Then when she was older she moved over to South Normanton in Derbyshire and has her own family and children now.  She changed her name when she moved out of Northants and up to Derbyshire.


South Normanton, Derbyshire, is also one of the places that I have lived in. When I was a teenager I paid rent for 28 South Street in South Normanton. In fact because I was struggling to pay I started to let rooms out and this became my first experience of property letting. Years and years before I set up a lettings agency, in Birmingham City, West Midlands.


My only  son died back in the late 1980's. There are remnants of him that I placed, following his death, in a livestock field, full of sheep, overlooking the Grand Union Canal in the midlands. A very scenic vista from a low  lying fence overlooking the area of grassland sheep grazing ahead. This way the plant life and sheep form part of the regeneration process from death to life; which was my wish. I intend having further children in the future by adoption. If only because my fist son , who died, needs to be replaced. Life is a long song and It just needs to be sung!


Other than my natural children from my first marriage I also have a daughter, called Holly, who was born aboard a canal narrow boat on the north Nottinghamshire canal network in the UK. She is the younger daughter, from the relationship between her deceased mother and I, from North Nottinghamshire. Her older sister died in a canal boat drowning. This happened when she was still a  little baby. As to  Holly she went into  the property industry and became involved in lettings, property sales, and new home sales. Like me she has always liked travelling around rather then being stuck in one place all of the time. Obviously both she and her deceased older sister were of the same mother who I was with for a little time.


She moved from Nottinghamshire to Derbyshire where she first started a lettings job in Ripley. Her older sister , who died, was my natural daughter; hence Holly is the younger sister of my natural daughter.


Her name , Holly, was originally chosen by her mother  and me which was a few years after the death of my natural daughter her older sister. I looked over at the green vegetation to the side of the canal boat and wanted something wild to resemble nature . I suggested Holly, the Holly bush, with Holly's mum because Holly in the west very much represents Christmas time. There wasn't a Holly bush there , next to the canal , it was just that I wanted a name that respresented  both a gift and nature in all it's wild beauty. The Holly bush often represents Christmas time and hence a time of giving. At Christmas time gifts are given but new life is the highest gift, of all, and should be revered as something sacred.


A lot of people might say "Well hold on you have a daughter through marriage living in South Normanton, Derbyshire, and another daughter outside of marriage who works in Ripley in Derbyshire; Why Derbyshire if you live in Northamptonshire?"  The answer is very simple/ish as always with me! The surname Siddle/Sydall is very much synonymous with Derbyshire because of the connection between the Siddle family and deep cast coal mining carpentry, bit shoring, and surveying work of previous centuries. The Siddle's came down from the northern counties into Derbyshire when deep cast coal mining was at it's height. The Syddal/Siddle trade coat of arms is registered for Derbyshire County as three carpenter's points on a shield and was used for business purposes providing timber pit shoring solutions to make safe deep cast pit shafts deep below the surface of the earth.


I lived at 28 South Street , South Normanton, in Derbyshire, when I was a teenager and my first wife, upon my suggestion at the time, purchased an investment property in Creswell Model Village, Derbyshire, which she purchased in order to give herself a useful income from the rent. At the time she purchased it she had that and also an apartment that she purchased over in Kettering, Northants. At the time she was still appearing in movies for both Shepherds Bush Recording studios in London and Hollywood in America. I doubt very many people in Creswell ever knew that the little house in Creswell  was owned by a film star at the time though. Or even now for that matter!


In between a marriage to Tina of Northamptonshire, and a marriage to Lalla of Morocco, I was also briefly engaged to Jo Copeland whose family came from County Cleveland, UK. This amounted to a period of time socialising, and many pub and theatre/cinema visits, but other than that not much. I made a very good social calendar taxi driver for her I am told.


I have been a Roman Catholic since the early 1980's and was first confirmed to the Roman Catholic faith at Our Lady of All Victories Church in Market Harborough. The church is on the corner where Coventry Road meets Fairfield Road. Due to my second marriage , and African family members from both my first and second marriages, part of my family are also Islamic. The Coventry Road "Our Lady of All Victories" Church is  a brick built Gothic architecture designed building which was first built in the 1870s. The "Our Lady of all Victories" name for the church commemorates the famous sea battle of Lepanto in 1571.


My hobbies include long distance walking, good ale, good restaurants, and poetry writing. I have been writing poetry since 1983 and have published three poetry books. There is a fourth to be published in August / September 2018. All are commercial poetry books for book shops sales , with interesting facts and illustrations alongside the poetry that I have written over the years. The books were published through createspace who are the publishing arm of Amazon Books International. They are available for purchase through and www, Also select high street book shops such as Barnes and Noble in the USA and Blackwell's Books in the UK. An ebook version of all of the books is now also available through OsmoRa Publications of Quebec in Canada. Much of my poetry is about New Age Culture, poetry about travel, the world, spirituality, interpretations of famous folklore tales, poetic interpretations of  famous historic deeds and battles, and poetry about nature. My books mainly sell in the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK. Time will probably see them selling in a broader range countries as well though maybe. Time will tell.


Some people may wonder why a man would suddenly start to write poetry and poetry books? Well the reason is quite simple! My first love in life , Tina Braybrook (AKA Tina Kerti), was a great poetry lover.  It's the one thing she used to sit and read and become emotional about. In her college days she studied English literature at Tresham College of Further Education in Kettering town, Northants. On one particular occasion her study group were asked to present a poem and read it out in front of the class then explain why that particular poem was chosen.  She dedicated the poem to me and and said " boyfriend who I love dearly" in front of the whole Kettering class. The whole lot jeered at her and shouted for her to stand down. There after I have always written poetry since my first attempt, called the inner self, way back in 1983. Most of my friends at the time remember my " The Inner Self" poem. I remember them mostly saying " what are you on about?" I didn't really have many drinking pals , or friends , who I had anything in common with back in my teenage years where I was.


Certainly nobody I drank with was especially interested in poetry and my attitude was "well why would they be!. Not a problem!"  Probably why I didn't mind leaving the area and travelling about for work. I didn't miss them. Not one bit at all! I prefer to be with people who think like me. I do however miss the days when my local pub the Talbot still existed. It was a biker type haunt and there was a regular gathering including  Brigette and also my friend Leslie Swanock from school days. He died in a motor bike crash in the mid 1980's leaving a distraught ginger haired fiance. Also Mo' who had a beard down to his chest.


It was during my time with the Talbot Pub crowd that I bought my first motorbike. A 125 cc little number with a silver coloured petrol tank. I wouldn't buy another  motorbike now. However I have it at the back of my mind to buy a motor trike that can be ridden on a standard car driving licence should I move to a property with more parking space in the future. This I may well decide to do.  I actually owned a blue coloured motor trike the first time I lived in Rushden, Northants, which would have been up to about summer 1984/1985 I think.


I used to park my blue motor trike outside of Tesco's supermarket , in Rushden, quite often in the short period of time that I had it. Close to the Wheatsheaf pub which is/was a major music gig venue in Northamptonshire! I dare say there may even by one or two people in Rushden town old enough to remember the motor trike and me there back in 1984.


I hold the title of Lord of the Manor of Sydal which is a Lancastrian Feudal title. I have held this title since 2009. Feudal Lord of the Manor Titles  do not allow the prefix of Lord and the interest is mainly in the history rather than owning a Lordship title. A feudal Lord of the Manor title normally goes in brackets after the name. i.e Andrew Siddle (Lord of the Manor of **********).I was born in Lancashire hence the Lancastrian Lord of the Manor  of Sydal title is highly relevant to me. Lord of the manor titles with an unbroken line of ascendancy do allow for the use of the title Lord. However very few such unbroken lines of family ascendancy exist any more.



Geographical Location of the original Alderman/Lord of the Manor of Sydal, Lancashire



The estate of the Sydall family ceased to be owned by the Siddle family centuries ago. It is known that the hamlet of Siddal was an estate of land being about 2 miles square and reaching a height of 460 feet in the vicinity of Siddal Moor, Lancashire, which was the highest point of land within the estate. The English language was only standardised , in terms of it's spellings, in the early 1700's. Before that phonetic science prevailed in the English language and words were spelt the way they sounded. In other words the English language that everybody loves so much has only actually existed, in final format, for around a little over 300 years. Before that the medieval spellings used to change in written manuscripts, day by day, month by month, and year by year. There was no standardised spelling system for the English language before the first part of the 18th century. 


Siddal Moor is part of the Salford One Hundred of North West England. The term "One Hundred" is known to have been first used in the Statutes of King Edmund I (939-46)  who was son of a West Saxon. The term is used as a measure of land and the area served by a hundred court.


A one hundred district is an administrative division that is geographically part of a larger region. It was formerly used in England, Wales, some parts of the United States, Denmark, Southern Schleswig, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Norway. It is still used in other places, including South Australia and Germany. Other terms for the hundred in English and other languages include wapentake, herred (Danish and Bokmål Norwegian), herad (Nynorsk Norwegian),  hérað(Icelandic),  härad or hundare (Swedish),  Harde (German),   Satakunta or kihlakunta (Finnish),  kihelkond (Estonian) and cantref (Welsh).


Land that used to belong to the Siddell family ( Phonetic medieval Siddal, Sydal etc) passed to Ralph Kenyon in the year 1548. Ralph purchased the Sydal Moor area together with two other estates of land for a Cluniac Monastic order which was run from a property called Kersal Cell. Again in 1619 ownership passed to Richard Asheton. It is safe to say that the Sydal estate of Moorland areas, in Lancashire, has not been owned by the Siddle family since at least 1548 ACE. Indeed it was much much earlier than 1548. For a long period of time the lands were held by Kersal Cell, a Cluniac Monastic Order , who did not observe rights to do with Lord of the Manor Titles or Aldermen within their religious ministry.  No reinstatement of the old Lord of the Manor, relating to this Moor area of land, was ever enacted for any particular person at the time that the monastic order ceased to be based at Kersal Cell. Kersal Cell was built for the Cluniac Monastic Order in the year 1563.


Had it been built only a couple of decades previously there would have been serious problems. This was due to the The Dissolution of the Monasteries Act 1536, This Act . sometimes referred to as the Suppression of the Monasteries, was the set of administrative and legal processes between 1536 and 1541 by which King Henry VIII disbanded monastries, priories, convents and friaries in England , Wales, and Ireland. 


The Cluniacs ran their various monastries on the basis of care for the poor, undertaking community teaching, and promotion of the arts. In this sense they were ultra modern for their day and time of formation.


(Please see at the bottom of the page; current photograph of Kersal Cell which became the Cluniac Monastry , and Sydal Moorland maps,which took over three estates of land. Including Sydal in Lancashire as part of it's estate for the Cluniac Religious Order of the time.)




Our branch of the Siddle family is very old and the name has a history that first started around  the 6th century dark age Saxon period Albion but may be older. Albion being the original name for England prior to the 10th century. The country name England started to be commonly used, it is thought, at around 925 ACE. Certainly  England was commonly in use, as the country's name, following on after  the community settlement legal agreement known as the Danelaw Land Settlements Agreement. Rural areas carried on using the country name Albion long  long after this year though. In fact Al-bion or Al-Ban is a country name that is older than Britannia.  Britannia, in legend, was first started upon the arrival of Brutus of Troy to Britain.


The name Siddle indicates a family that Originally started in the Wessex regions of the south and were then being pushed up to the north west and north east areas where the surname Siddle is now very well known. Our family have also always held a close affinity to America which was mainly because of a maritime merchant navy history of parts of the family in previous centuries. This has led to the situation whereby some of our family are British Born and some American born. My father's father Reginald Siddle lived in Darlington City, County Durham; but much of his family were originally based around maritime Plymouth through working in the Merchant Navy. Many used to spend as much time in the USA as they did in the UK due to freight shipping work.


Ignoring the Siddle part of the family my Great Great Grandfather Captain Robert Newman skippered the infamous Tiberius grain barque out of New York Harbour, America, back in the 1800's. This is the barque that disappeared without a trace , never to be found again, having left America and set out to sea. Robert had family in Sunderland, Britain, probably family in America and his daughter Sarah was also born in Alexandria in Egypt. This is a report from the time of the disappearance of the Tiberius from New York City:- 




The Dundee Courier & Argus (Dundee, Scotland), Monday, May 26, 1862



Loss of Grain-Laden Vessels - The barque Tiberius, 475 tons, which sailed, grain-laden, from New York for Sunderland on 14th Feb., has not since been heard of, and the time which has elapsed, leaves very little room for doubt that both vessel and crew have perished. The vessel was commanded by Captain Robert Thompson Newman, Bishopwearmouth, but it is believed that none of the crew who sailed in her from Sunderland started on the return voyage. The Tiberius was the property of Messrs. Gourley, of Sunderland, and was built on the Wear in 1854. There are three or four more vessels belonging to Sunderland amissing on the homeward passage from New York, and the total number reported lost and missing on the same voyage since November last will not be under sixty sail, all grain laden.


(The American Civil War was between 1861 and 1865 and very strange things were happening with freight shipping between America and Britain at the time)



Back in the  mid 1980's  I under took work as an occasional expenses paid Armed Emissary for section 6 of the UK Intelligence Services who are based at Vauxhall Cross in London.  They are also known as SIS. This was in addition to doing work for the property profession. Section 6 undertake all intelligence work abroad where as section 5 take care of intelligence operations within the UK. Accordingly most of my work was abroad for my active armed emissary period between 1985 and 1992. "occasional" means exactly that!  I was mainly used for my experience and knowledge of firearms, and explosives, on an as and when required expenses paid basis.


I hold the  title of Knight Bachelor which was awarded to me back in the 1980's, carried out by Prince Philip, following a sword tapping ceremony. On this occasion the Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philip) was standing in for the Queen. This being because she was unable to attend as her time was booked elsewhere. My election to this title was by the SIS section 6 division of Secret Intelligence Services who are based at Vauxhall Cross, London. The Knighthood gives the title  of Sir Andrew on all occasions. The reason for the application for the basic knighthood was to secure Diplomatic Immunity from Prosecution which the working version of Knighthood possesses under International Law. This allowed me to work abroad whilst carrying firearms without arrest.


The Knight Bachelor title is the lowest of all titles of nobility and back in the 1980's the Secret Intelligence Services used to issue block applications to the crown to secure immunity from prosecution to undertake missions abroad as a job for various members of their staff. The SIS Knight Bachelor Title should not be confused with either the Honorary knight Bachelor Title issued by the Queen that has it's own temple property to visit; or that of the Religious Orders of knights. Knight Bachelor applicants do not need to be part of a religious order as the knighthood is for their work abroad when on a mission only. My original Knight Bachelor title was re-affirmed for passport control issues in the year 2003.


It should be noted that the post nominal letters KT stand for Knight of the Order of the Thistle and not the Knight Bachelor title. Knight Bachelor has the post nominal letters Kt. In other words capital K and lower case t . Otherwise falsely claiming to be a member of the Order of the Thistle , KT,  could be criminal because this is a religious order for which the Monarch is patron.


My intelligence work missions were armed and I was allowed to carry my own personal Beretta Revolver for operations abroad. I was also used for my knowledge and experience of  using explosives, and even hand grenades, in one particular mission. This being for the resolution of international incidents and problems. Such incidents included bribery , suspected treason, blackmail, kidnap, and military intelligence issues for the military side.



                        Selection to SIS - Mi6 Division - as overseas contentious issues external emissary and gunman




Many people may wonder why on earth I , in particular, would have been selected as an expenses paid overseas emissary/agent in the 1980's? Well it is not simple and was a matter of the way in which my life progressed. In my early teenage years there was an incident. I was out and about with a female friend. Somebody who I knew , and didn't especially like me, instructed two rural labourers to give me the "going over"! The person who instructed the two labourers to do some damage  was my father and he paid them upfront in cash. Obviously we are talking about an incident that was recorded by the police and dealt with years and years ago. At the time of writing this it is 2018/2019 so the incident was about 33 years ago or so.


I was in the countryside and the two labourers suddenly appeared coming across the fields carrying tools. They grabbed the girl I was with and pushed me aside. They then took a carpenter's saw and sawed through her throat while holding her down. I got up again and managed to do some serious damage to one of them which he died from. The other one then laid into me. In the events that followed he ended up dead as did his colleague because I successfully tackled them and crippled both of the pair; but there was a price.


Both of my legs were smashed and one arm broken into pieces. Eventually we had Air Ambulance come to the scene of the crime as well as the Police force. I was informed that there was nothing to do to stop me from being a cripple for life. I said "Oh yes there is!" "My head and brain are still good". I then said "Cut off my head and use the remaining body of somebody who has just died" to restore me. They said "no it can't be done!" I said "Oh yes it can!" . I then took the saw that the two thugs had used on my female friend, with my one good arm, and started to saw through my own neck! I got half way through before I passed unconscious.


I woke up weeks and weeks later with my head stitched on to somebody else's deceased body . They did it ; and it was a success. Therafter I was interviewed by the police but also Intelligence Services. Military Intelligence Section 6, expressed an interest in offering me protection in return for  external expenses paid armed emissary work out of the country. I couldn't argue that I didn't need their protection against others so I agreed; and so it started. I was enlisted by MI6 at Vauxhall Cross, London,  because I had completed a little Ministry of Defence Anthrax bomb airborne spore reading job for them previously in Scotland. I was offered armed work because I had been using firearms with the Royal Air Force Air Training Corps  Cadets since the age of fourteen. Accordingly I was already used to hand arms and SLR rifles.


I was enlisted to do armed work abroad for Mi6 to give me protection , by SIS/Mi6 in London, after my head was  removed and stitched to a different body following the incident mentioned. My head is me and the rest is somebody else's body; but the operation worked! That is why!......By doing external agency armed work abroad, for Mi6, they were able to give me  UK State protection! 


It never occurs to me to think about it ; but the only two  parts of me that are still Andrew Siddle are my brain and head! The rest of my body is a replacement. The body below my neck line was taken from a recently deceased person. Some of my internal organs were replaced using yet  another recently deceased person. Spooky or what??? After the event I discussed the entries made on my father's police criminal record with the Police Constabulary. It couldn't help but occur to all of us that the intention of my father was probably to get  the farm labourers to kill the girl and then get both of them to say that I did it having beaten me up as well. They failed. End of!



During my time working for Mi6 I twice I  had use of hand held  rocket launchers in addition to conventional firearms. At the time a new innovation had been developed which would be considered  pretty much "old hat" in more modern times. The innovation was a new type of hand held rocket launcher that would do the minimum of damage to the fabric of a building. So in essence the rocket would create a fireball upon reaching it's target which would incinerate people while not doing too much damage to brick walls and concrete pillars. I remember the testing of the new device  at Vauxhall Cross Military Intelligence head quarters, London, in the 1980's. This new weapon was a much needed addition to the Military Intelligence armoury.


I had security clearance to access military bases, in the UK, to investigate procedure complaints by members of the Armed Forces. I had been assigned to the Royal Marines in Kent, as a reserve, by SIS at Vauxhall Cross . This being because I was needed for a few Uk based military intelligence matters. In order to show that I had received the same training as all others SIS, and the Royal Marine Reserves in Kent, arranged for me to do the training and course assessment for the All Arms Commando Green Beret award. I also undertook  Officer training in London.  I had 7 years of working with firearms and by that time , whether in a Royal Marines uniform or in plain clothes for Mi6, I saw more and more deaths all of the while.


When I was doing my Land Administration degree in London I was also sent off on  occasional armed emissary work in between academic terms. To study for a degree as a student in London ,  while  sometimes  being sent off with instructions to shoot down an enemy of the state from Vauxhall Cross - London is weird. A very weird experience in life! I even did a uniformed beach assault with the Kent Royal Marine Reserves having been taken abroad by submarine with the Kent Reserves one summer. 


We knocked out a gun emplacement on a beach over in the east Mediterranean! The submarine picked us up at Southampton and after the campaign we were dropped off at the Kent coast. Quite a few  were blown apart and died on the beach as sitting targets. At that time I was a reservist Major , based with the Royal Marine cadets head quarters of Kent, on a summer Reservist campaign abroad. So they made me responsible for the success or failure of the wiping out of the gun emplacement.  We succeeded and the gun emplacement was abandoned letting us pass. The mortality rate of landing on a beach in front of a foreign gun emplacement unit is horrendous. Sitting ducks! Strange memories! I had no innocence by the time I started my degree in London and that is sad really.


In 2012 I received an honorary United States of America Master of Arts degree in criminal law and ethics following my previous experience working with Secret Intelligence Services in London, UK. The degree was mostly work experience based but with an assessment module as well . This was followed by a Washington DC (District of Columbia) affidavit/apostilization from a United States public notary, authenticating the degree for the United Kingdom, in the year 2013. Also the authenticating signature of the United States Secretary of State of the time, John Kerry, plus the seal of the District of Columbia. I was delighted to be awarded  a United States law degree. Firstly because I wish to stay proactive and employable for many many years ahead. Secondly because it is a recognition for legal issues that I used to deal with such as "D" notices whilst with Mi6 in the Uk. A "D" notice is a press gagging order which involves legal  paper work, and a meeting with the Defence Press and Broadcasting Committee (DPBC), to agree the scope of that which has to be banned from publication to the public.


The geographical areas that I covered whilst working for Mi6 , as an armed intelligence Emissary, included Africa, Spain, Scotland, Northern France, Italy and the USA as Sir Andrew Siddle Kt. Also a small number of projects in the Uk using the rank of  Major as assigned to Kent Royal Marine Reserves. The reason for the Major rank was to enable me to enter military bases on SIS issues. Whilst the majority of the Royal Marine Reserves were based in the south west reserve officers were also allocated R.M. cadet group positions elsewhere. I was was based at the R.M.  cadets headquarters in Kent. Later on, and after a failed bombing attempt on the cadets hut and changes in the command structure, the Royal Marine cadets were grouped together with the sea cadets. So after 1980's the set up was completely different.


The Kent Royal Marine cadet force have moved head quarters since the late 1980's. Back in the late 1980's I was listed for one year as being commanding Officer of the Kent Royal Marine Cadets. This being from our little prefab hut H.Q. in Kent.This was a time when I was actually also doing armed service abroad as well. Both with MI6/SIS plain clothes armed missions and as a uniformed Royal Marine Reserve often in summer months. Accordingly I was hardly ever there during my year as Commanding Officer of the  Kent cadets due to national service abroad. I think in all honesty the cadet force probably preferred having a C.O. who was absent and had an easy year without me being there all of the while.


I was also trying to complete my degree in Land Administration in East London  as a mature student. How I ever managed to do it is beyond my comprehension because I was so busy and so many different organisations were wanting my time. My time with the Royal Marine Reserves followed on from initial training with the Air Training Corps who are the Royal Air Force cadet force. This I had been doing between the ages of 12 and 17. So I already had experience with foot drill, rifle drill, and firearms use going all the way back to the age of 12 years old. I think we were finally allowed to do target practice with rifles by about the age of 14. Achieved with 1084 Squadron of the RAF Cadets Air Training Corps.


Back in the 1980's I did a considerable amount  of kidnap release work . This led to a lot of interest from the press and television.  I used to appear on B.B.C television chat shows following missions abroad.  American news coverage also included an on the road interview with me on a motorbike heading towards New York City in the USA.  A mobile studio camera aimed from the rear passenger window of a car was used to film an interview with me. Having filmed me once  they came back at a later stage again. The second time my motorbike had developed a punctured tyre and I was pushing it on foot for several miles to the nearest American town. The sun was blisteringly hot and I was miles from anywhere on the highway in the countryside. The camera crew drove by pulling faces at me and jeering for fun. The same in northern France where due to a tip off a French news  company came over with cameras. It got to the stage that I was used to television and camera crews. This being the case it had to stop because it was completely unacceptable to have this level of publicity due to the risk of death that the media publicity was creating. I remember sitting  trying to work out the statistical odds of me dying whilst on an armed mission before going on the next one assigned.


It was during my time in the USA that I developed sun stroke whilst riding a two and a half day trip across the whole of the United States on motorbike to my eventual destination New York City. The sun stroke led me to hearing the desert sands whispering whilst trying to sleep in the desert overnight. At the time I thought that I may never see America to visit again. Which is why , having completed my mission, I decided to cross the USA , by motorbike, and see a bit of the terrain and places. For anybody who has never had bad sun stroke I will tell you. Your pupils lose their ability to adjust their size which makes your eyes look permanently black because the pupils dilate up in size; and the size of golf balls did they become! Everybody knows that when somebody feels either hate , or physical attraction, then the pupils of the eye dilate. Well; people with sun stroke have permanently dilated pupils. It took me two weeks for my pupils to reduce in size again. During this period I wore dark shades all of the while to hide my black eyes. The desert I slept in was Nevada and that is where I first started to develop sun stroke.


Following on from riding a motorbike across the United States to New York City having completed an MI6 armed project; I was booked in to a hotel in New York City. Whilst there I decided I would need a hire car for various reasons; because I still had things to do.  I got my hire car contract nicely signed and was shown exactly how everything worked in the car and was then left to get on with it by the car hire firm. I managed to have one drive out to test the car and then something happened. I was sitting in the driver's seat viewing a suspicious car about 100 yards/91 metres behind . It had stopped in a weird manner in almost the middle of the road. I watched and watched again. Nothing seemed to happen so I decided to open the car door and get out. As soon as I opened the driver's door the car behind revved to full acceleration , thrust forward, and ripped off my driver's door. It was literally ripped off it's hinges and flew up in the air.  Well now; I wasn't killed but that seemed to be the end of the driving.  


I have never really sorted out whether there was an insurance scam or an American Intelligence officer trying to prevent a British Intelligence Officer undertaking further travel.  Either way that was the end of the driving for that time. To be honest rumour, at the time, had it that New York City have a policy for removing drivers from the road where there is a suspected problem with non USA naturalised drivers. The rumour involves old cars with front bumpers loaded up with set concrete. Set concrete behind a car bumper can do an awful lot of damage to a hire car's flank upon impact.


Concrete loaded bumpers or not New York City is my chosen second country city if I ever win the National Lottery. Pity I don't play National  Lottery games or gamble in any way I guess! I've always said that if I ever come into a largish sum of money I'll buy an apartment in the older part of down town Brooklyn with nice high ceilings and a good view. Then maybe let it eight months of the year and use it for myself the rest of the time. It'll never happen though! Some people prefer posh but I'd always head for the arty part of Brooklyn where the writers and the artists hang out just away from the business quarter. It makes for a more entertaining level of conversation now and then. 


Eventually on my way back from New York City to London I carried on wearing my sun shades on the flight. I had to do this because my eyes were badly damaged still and my pupils were bulging out of my eye ball sockets. Anyway somebody took exception to me wearing dark shades inside so eventually I had to be interviewed by the police. The look on their faces when I removed my sun glasses to reveal eyeballs so black that I looked like a newly landed alien being was something else I can assure you!


At one stage I was granted a street observation assignment in London by Military Intelligence. This coincided with my first wife Tina finishing an acting contract. Can't remember whether it was for in the UK , for the B.B.C,  or somewhere in the USA. I ended up sitting in a semi vacant London property in order to observe a particular street armed with a semi automatic rifle. She was with me for a little while, as a visiting spouse, as the event was supposed to be not high security and just mundane street observation work. Little did I know that somebody had us targeted from elsewhere over the road.


Half way through the morning one day I saw a red circle light appear on my first wife Tina's clothing. The red circle moved around and it was so obvious that it was a laser sight which I had seen in practical use many times already.  Especially as I was used to using the same type of laser sight system. I shouted at her to duck down. She said "what" followed by "don't you talk to me like that" . I shouted to her a second time and she moved forward just in time to miss about three bullets which smashed through the window and appeared to also be from a semi automatic rifle the same as mine. We were not killed , the situation was resolved, and the person responsible for the attack on our observation post dealt with.


The property where the bullets were fired from was a London apartment. On my side of the road I had the choice of about three different weapons to use. All of them had been issued by the SiS Military Intelligence firearms armoury. Not all of these weapons issued  to me were firearms. I had the choice of other types of military weapon as well. Apparently there were about four to five people in the apartment that tried to open fire on me over the road. They were all over the road in their property looking at where I was.  Not one of them left the property alive. 


Summer 1988 was a bad time for me. Having agreed to complete an armed mission abroad for SIS I got back to find that my father was refusing to recognise me and had banned me from the family home having disowned me. This was because he objected to me appearing in the International Press after MI6 operations abroad. No East London student accommodation (for my Land admin degree course) was available for me until autumn so I slept rough! I found a group of meths drinkers , and tramps, by the river Thames and slept under cardboard boxes at night for a few weeks. The fire , lit by tramps, was warm and so were the second hand cardboard boxes.


During my time sleeping rough , by the  river Thames, I witnessed two deaths. A man who had been drinking meths fell into the River Thames and drowned instantly. On another occasion a young professional , drunk as anything, came over with his girlfriend in his suit and started to swear at people sleeping rough. Having shouted at them all somebody stabbed him through the heart with a blade and his girlfriend ran away screaming. He died. I still remember the slow singing around the fire and the ripple noise of the river Thames in the background. I fell in love.....not with a person but with old father Thames...I still do!


I later also befriended an old rogue down and out who originated from Sidcup. He managed to find an old run down squat in Stratford, East London, where he lived with his girlfriend and pet Alsatian dog. He used to pester everybody, with success, for bottles of Barley Wine. That was all he really wanted in life to be honest.


At Holyroodhouse Palace an incident occurred in which  a supposed security guard drew a commando knife whilst within view of the Queen Mother. I shot the man dead using a Beretta Revolver that I had in my suit jacket as part of my job. The Queen mother thereafter sent me several letters, and telephoned me, and always on the best possible terms. The shooting was in the press worldwide. At the time of the incident I held 100% diplomatic immunity from prosecution to use firearms and protect the Queen mother as an Mi6 armed Emissary.


For those who don't remember the Queen mother she was the wife of King George VI and mother of Queen Elizabeth the II. After the death of her husband she spent much of her time living in Scotland. I last heard from her in the mid 1990's. She later died on the 30th March 2002.


To talk to she was a fun loving person and had a naughty habit dating back to the death of her husband King George VI. Her husband George VI had always been partial to a large good quality cigar. After his death she missed the man so bitterly that she carried on keeping a large box of best cigars where ever she was. Every now and then she used to light one up and take a couple of puffs on the cigar herself then laugh. It probably gave her a sense of comfort and a feeling that her husband was still alive and in the same room in some way. I shared a cigar , after she lit it up, about three times whilst visiting her at Holyrood House Palace, Scotland,  back in the late 1980's. I think she used to light the thing and then just imagine her dead husband whilst walking around the grounds. The palace , in Scotland, is a very lonely place for a widow to be wandering around. Her full name was Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon and she was born on the 4th August 1900.


For quite some time I was offered a position doing security at the Holyroodhouse Palace permanently. HRH The Queen Mother kept saying "but do you really want to join that lot Andrew" while we chatted in the Palace grounds and she was right. I am more a free bird and she thought of me as more of a friend  type than somebody who would serve the Palace. So I didn't do it!


I visited  the palace for security reasons, and as a friend, for a while and she corresponded with  me by letter and telephone. When the arrangement ceased the press tried to say that I had been discredited and would not be allowed there again ever. The Queen Mother objected  to this because every single word that they came out with was a complete and utter lie and not in anybody's interests. She sorted the situation out on my behalf to restore my name which she did. She was a very lonely little lady there all those years at Holyroodhouse Palace though.


She always used to keep a supply of beer from the local Public House,  just along the road, in case of visiting male dignitaries for use in the main reception. On one occasion the staff member who normally went for these was not available so she asked me to go as a favour. I agreed mainly out of friendship to her. Anyway the local public house did not recognise me as being connected to the Palace, and despite the official State Service palace car being parked outside which I had driven over in, they called the Edinburgh City police out to arrest me. A long and protracted conversation evolved, in the entrance to the Pub, but I eventually managed to get the supplies back to the Palace unharmed and un assisted. Such is life!


I suppose a person , unknown to Edinburgh City at that stage in time  , driving about in the official state visit Palace luxury vintage car, may have seemed a little odd to the people at the local Public House. However I don't really see it that way!


The only reason that I stopped telephoning and corresponding with the Queen Mother was that I suggested that the contact could not carry on with her. This was with reluctance as I was a personal  friend. She launched an official state Royal Pardon, to my name, after accusations made against me by the United Kingdom Press and closely followed  by the National  state Police Constabulary.


The Official  Royal Pardon , granted by her, became under the scrutiny of SIS, Military Intelligence Section 6 ( my employer), and was subsequently subject to a further press gagging order. In other words a Press Gagging "D" notice was filed against the press, and police, so that they would not mention the fact that a Royal Pardon was ever granted even though it still existed. So in actuality the Royal  Pardon exists still but became a secret that only appears on file.


Both the press, and the United Kingdom Police Force, were completely banned from discussing the matter. Any further mention of it was banned because both the press , and national police constabulary , were starting to interfere with official state business of international intelligence as administered by Mi6 . The official business of Mi6 is always world wide, and is always 100% secret, and not open to the Police force of the United Kingdom. SEMPER OCCULTUS!


Also in Scotland I was involved in taking airborne spore readings on Gruinard Island before the area was decontaminated. This was one of my first jobs for Military Intelligence having signed the Official Secrets Act and confirming that I was not allowed to tell anybody of my activities for the first twenty years having completed each task given. Gruinard Island was used as an experimental bomb testing site just after World War Two. This followed on from a period of time when there were reports in London that Germany were about to unleash a chemical weapon to wipe out large parts of the United Kingdom population.  Gruinard Island was requisitioned by the Ministry of Defence and used to test a bomb that was Britain's answer to the German threat. So was developed and tested the Anthrax Bomb. Designed to wipe out millions of people by infection with Anthrax. The bomb was designed to spread anthrax spores over hundreds and hundreds of miles of land after explosion.


My time on Gruinard Island was spent wearing a face mask at all times to prevent breathing in any airborne spores. Two years later the whole area was decontaminated , to try to make it safe again, by a private contractor. However my time on the island whilst taking airborne spore readings with a meter was very very sad. Various people kept turning up and without a mask became instantly infected with Anthrax. There is no known cure for Anthrax and those who do not wear a face mask die, within a couple of months of infection, or live the whole of their lives with breathing and lung problems. There is no cure. A helicopter pilot from air ambulance turned up without a face mask and was instantly infected. Various civilians turned up and were instantly infected. A protest group turned up saying " Anthrax infection is a lie- it is a cover up" and the whole lot were instantly infected. People were lying on the beach slowly dying. People were lying on their backs crying and finding breathing more and more difficult with each day that passed. A man who had decided to live on the island had gone completely mad, without a face mask, and was attacking anybody who came near to the ruined house that he was living in.


Air Ambulance did their best to clear the island of people infected but the casualty rate was horrendous. Many  deaths occurred  of stupid people who were willing to ignore the Ministry of Defence warning signs and land on the island. Two years later the whole island was cleared of spores by a private contractor in the 1980's.


Before decontamination the air was clear for most of the year as the bomb spores lie in the ground . But once a year, in a specific season, the spores take to the air and are carried. That was the time when the island was completely unsafe for anybody. Treatment of the land and clearance of  the Anthrax spores was carried out in the year 1986. Gruinard Island was later sold back to the original owner for £500 after all Anthrax Spores were cleared. For those that contracted Anthrax as a result of visiting the island there remains no known cure for Pulmonary Anthrax. Those who did not die will have had Anthrax infection , and potential breathing problems, for the entirety of their life/lives. The UK medical profession work on the basis that they can manage the worst of the symptoms of Pulmonary Anthrax, using medications, but never cure it.


After my duties in Italy I got back to the United Kingdom in a very dishevelled state. Especially After having been thrown into the sand naked 5 miles from the Italian coast, and abandoned there, by a military style Italian four wheel drive vehicle. I had severe sun stroke and was as brown as a Sahari Bedouin nomad due to the strong sun in the Italian countryside. By the time I reached the British Embassy in London I also had a full black beard. In fact on the flight back from Italy to Heathrow I was beaten up outside the toilet because I hadn't washed for a week and was smelling worse than manure.  On reaching the British Embassy in London I was accused of being a foreigner and the Embassy staff kept trying to direct me to a private legal firm who help foreigners find British Naturalisation in the UK.  Eventually I refused to move from the British Embassy front door, door step, until the staff agreed to arrange for me to be arrested! That is what I wanted as I could finally get a bath, shave, and something to eat.


I got out of Italy by  heading to the nearest city having no longer got a debit card for a cash machine, Unfortunately my first rail trip to that city was stupid because there was no airport in the city I chose. I had to get a taxi to drive me half way across the Italian countryside, to where there was an airport, and then finally see airport control where I arranged for myself to be arrested by the Italian police again whilst we negotiated an option to enable me to get back to the UK. Because of the fact that I had not been able to wash for a week or two whilst on the road in the Italian countryside I was smelling all of the while. On the bright side the operation was a success and having worked with the Italian police, and court system, I was even granted Italian Diplomatic Immunity for my stay. This meaning that I then had both United Kingdom Diplomatic Immunity and Italian Immunity as well.


About two weeks of my time in Italy were spent unconscious in an Italian State hospital. Paid for by the Italian State.This being because I had been bitten by a  snake in the countryside. A member of the Italian State police shot it dead for me and sucked the poison out of my leg. Thereafter I was also permitted to share the firearms practice range of the police in order to keep up my target skills in Italy. Upon finishing my mission in their country the local community police arranged the greatest honour for me. An Italian shopping centre was being refurbished, and renovated, including new walkways. So they allowed one shopping Mall walk to be named Siddle's Mile and proudly showed me. This is the greatest honour that any country can possibly bestow a foreign special agent or diplomat. Obviously the walkway  name was in the Italian language but it had a sign post with the Siddle name on when it was first named. So Siddle's Mile still exists in Italy somewhere for a hospitalised snake bitten foreigner.


Most of my armed service as an armed agent to SIS was between the years 1985 and 1992 as said before. By this I mean that I was armed with my Beretta revolver, if needed, 12 months of the year every year. However at the end of the 1990's I was called up by SIS for one final armed Mi6 engagement. I received a phone call of a very threatening nature from admin at  the Vauxhall Cross Head Quarters. They stated that I was required to "clean up" outstanding mess from people that I had previous involvement with several years ago. Despite being no longer armed I eventually agreed to listen.


The mission was to enter a commercial office, in the UK, which was mostly vacant. Thereafter I was to shoot a number of foreign non uk nationals who were running a mock by refusing to leave the country and also were running an illicit brothel as a pimp operation using forced English women.. They were known to be armed. I said that if there is more than one person I can't possibly do the job with my usual hand arm and needed something faster! SIS armoury refused. I said that there was no possibility of me doing the job and getting out of the property alive if issued with only a small hand arm! They refused again. I said it again and after a couple of weeks they agreed to let me have it. I requested a  fast action standard armed forces submachine gun from Vauxhall Cross SIS Armoury in London.


The job involved blasting a grappling hook launcher rope over a car park and straight through the second floor window of a locked up, but occupied, second floor commercial office window. I was to then pull it tight and , aided by one other person who would remain at the other side of the car park, launch myself over , through the second floor window using a winch wheel system and eliminate the subject target.


Having entered the property, through the smashed in second floor window, I was met with the three occupants...One muttered something and another one reached into a suit jacket for what I thought would turn out to be a hand arm. I was right! Without speaking a single word I eliminated every single

unauthorised person within 4 to 5 seconds of sub machine gun rapid fire and left the building having completed the task. End of!


This particular incident was in Wolverhampton, UK, and was fully witnessed by the local West Midlands Press from various parts of the local area. I did say to SIS HQ, after this very brief mission, that I would not be willing to do any more armed work after 1999/2000. This is especially because I had experience of using firearms going back to the early 1980's when I first was trained by the Air cadets as a teenager. The longer one carries out missions , with firearms, the higher the likelihood of being shot oneself and dying on the next successive mission. I also complained that I am supposed to be used for overseas missions only and this incident was an internal one within the United Kingdom. Internal United Kingdom work should , strictly speaking, be carried out by Mi5 agents except under  very special consent conditions.


Especially in an area like Wolverhampton, UK, an Mi6 external armed agent  causes a problem. Mi5 would have been working with the local police and the Police would have known about everything locally. However, Mi6, being a mainly overseas operating part military unit, who even order new weapon technology for the armed forces, don't really keep in touch with local Police units as much as the police would like. It is best to keep Mi5  to missions in the UK and Mi6 abroad when ever possible. Anyway I think Wolverhampton Police eventually got over it and the matter was in the local press instead of being secret in this case.


I have never been recalled for plain clothes armed service, since that time. However I remain a reserve external MI6 agent, to SIS, who could be called up for plain clothes armed missions; and I would remain at the Military Intelligence rank of Major. Between the early 1980's and the year 2000 I was trained in and could use, any hand arm, semi automatic standard issue armed forces rifles, strategic target explosives for  sabotage of  overseas bridges et al, sub machine guns. hand grenades, shoulder held missile launchers, laser guided rifle systems. Also what was the new 1980's technology "buildings safe" shoulder launched missile system which was an invention that would leave the fabric of a building safe whilst creating a fireball that incinerates enemy people. 



                                          The True Tale of Frank Taylor of Northamptonshire


As an Mi6 occasional armed external agent seconded from the armed force reserves ( I was commanding Officer of the Royal Marine Cadets in Kent) in theory all of my work should have been abroad. However there is  a great cross over between the work of many criminal and military investigation units. I have already mentioned the Wolverhampton shooting at an office block. I feel , and felt, that this should have been carried out by Mi5 and not Mi6. However I was given the job , didn't want to do it, but completed it anyway.


The same is true when we come to the civilian crimes of a man by the name of Frank Taylor. Frank was born in a Northants village and his parents were the owners of a Fish and Chip shop in Market Harborough. His life was never anything but full of crime and he was never anything but evil. He eventually died in unusual circumstances when he was found hanged inside his village own home in Northants. Some say he committed suicide whilst others say that the local community went around and strung him up from the beams in his own lounge.


Frank's story starts in the early  part of the 1970's. I witnessed what happened. One day I asked his parents , at the family run fish and chip shop, to demonstrate to me how to cook fish in a deep fat fryer. The wife, I think it was Sandra but I'm not sure all these years on, proudly asked me to go around the back and come around to the staff side so that she could demonstrate.


I was happily watching the plaice and cod get floured, battered, then placed into the deep fat. All of her sudden the son Frank came around and shouted " I DON'T WANT ANY OF THIS!" He then plunged a bread knife into his mum's chest before going to the back of the premises to meet his father who was coming down the stairs from the silver service restaurant upstairs. He then stabbed his own father to death as well as his already dying mother. I was about 7 years of age old. However I lay with his dying mother on the floor until the ambulance came to try to help her without success.


The local police could not send him to prison  because he had gone insane. So he was sent to a special centre for the criminally insane instead. Unfortunately the way history progressed meant that he ended up being released and was allowed to have control of his parents fish and chip shop and restaurant later on. 


Having obtained his inheritance, from the parents that he murdered, he set about using proceeds from the business to set up further businesses of a criminal type. Frank had a brothel business run from a yacht on the south coast and a series of high class rental apartments in London City which he used for a prostitute business for which he was the pimp.


Also a drug dealing business that he ran from home and the worst yet as well! He started serving customers with human flesh prepared specially on demand. Frank was not stupid. He knew all about fish parasites, meat parasites, how to remove a person's/prostitutes memory by feeding them pig liver fluke or brain slug. He also knew that feeding a human being human flesh can invoke a rare form of rabies that can render a person mad unless they are able to obtain a constant supply of the human meat. So Frank used human flesh to blackmail people into doing what he wanted or he wouldn't continue with the supply of  human flesh to eat.


To explain; a human parasite that normally lives in the liver would only be found there. However the pig liver fluke always goes up into the human brain if it is placed in a human being and not within a pig. This is just an unusual anomaly of the creature and perhaps it prefers the texture of human brain tissue to eat if not living in a pig.


At his worst Frank Taylor became so confident in crime that he poisoned the entire police force at Market Harborough Police station with pig liver fluke and brain slug one Christmas meal evening. He provided the catering and all Christmas food eaten by the police was from him. All of this was at the actual Market Harborough Police Station. Every single member of the police force who ate the food provided,  at the station, obtained one hundred percent memory loss within about 6 months as the parasites ate into their brain tissue at the local station.


Market Harborough Police Station was decommissioned because of the incident and administrative power for the police area was switched to the Leicester City Police headquarters. A job that they didn't especially want to have to do in Leicester. At the worst time of the period local police officers, with over ten years experience of driving a patrol car, were going around asking how to get to the town centre  because they couldn't remember a thing about their own job or where anything was. 


I had worked for Frank , as a part time fish fryer and server in the evenings, for a while around the age of fourteen whilst studying at school. During that time I started to gain knowledge of every single crime that the man had committed and many that he was still intending to commit. This included the disappearance of young females of the Market Harborough community who, much later on, turned out to have been murdered behind his shop and their bodies hung from meat hooks in a brick shed to the rear that he never told anybody about. Mostly female victims but also some male.


Frank was eventually found hanged in his own home. But I was the one who had to sign off the press gagging "D" notices of the horrific acts that he had committed. The reason being that by dealing with the sale of human flesh, to eat, he infected many many people with a rare form of rabies. The form of rabies leads to frothing at the mouth and physical attacks on other human beings.


Because I was used to witness events for the Crown court case I was granted the honorary rank of plain clothes sergeant to the police for the Leicestershire/Northants border regions. However this was just in order to have sufficient authority to sign the paper work. Really I was a firearms and explosives specialist for SIS Military Intelligence Section 6 for their work abroad. My background was military and not civil police.


Many people don't know that Frank Taylor was found dead by hanging. The reason is his brother in law took over the business and started to use his name for it as well. His brother in law also changed his hair style to make himself look like Frank. But the real Frank died years and years earlier swinging from the end of a rope in his own home. So what with the press Gagging order, and take over of the business by the brother in law, nobody was ever told that the original Frank Taylor was dead.


I remain: "COMPLETELY UNINTERESTED IN POLICE CONSTABULARY WORK!" as an SIS plain clothes Major of Military Intelligence ( and ex RM Reserves cadet force CO) of Kent County. Sometimes it has to be put in capital letters to reinforce the point!



I will never forget that my plain clothes Military Intelligence rank, of Major,  was attained by affiliation, and secondment, to the Royal Marine Reserves and being the commanding Officer of the Kent Royal Marine Cadets for one year. By being assigned to the cadet force officers, by SIS Military Intelligence in London. I did a great deal of personal work towards the Green beret All Arms Commando Course and also officer training at the time. The Green Beret award is not a "doddle" it is hard work!


My time in Africa involved me having to escape over the western Sahara from armed personnel trying to track me from further south. I was being tracked down by armed military in a jeep who had followed me up from African states a little further south. My first introduction to the Western Sahara was therefore to bury myself in the sand so that I could not be seen from their army jeep. I found an old military coloured rimmed green bush hat and put it over my nose. This being because my nose was the only visible piece of my body above the sand having buried myself.  Obviously my nose had to be above the sand so that I could still breathe. It worked; they shouted for me about ten times and then drove by the hat that was sitting on the sand in the morning sun.  


Having been befriended by a nomadic tribe of berbers, whilst in the Western Sahara Desert,  we all told tales of our cultures around the evening cooking fire. Eventually I ended up staying at the Palace of King Hassan II , of the Alaouite Dynasty,  under state protection from Morocco. Later I was adopted by the Bedouin Berbers as Moulay Hassan II of Morocco let me marry  his daughter from his first wife's side of the Royal household. She was my second wife in life and used to send beautiful hand written letters over to the Uk to me; before our marriage. She later on sadly died at the Royal Palace at Rabat, Morocco, North Africa.


In order to marry an Alaouite Princess, and become part of the Moroccan Royal family, one may assume that it would be difficult for somebody who is primarily a Roman Catholic! Not so as far as I was concerned!  In order for the marriage to go ahead I had to read and learn Islamic scripture and be able to recite the Shahada. I also had to accept that there is only one almighty being in charge of this ole' universe and ball of clay of ours; which I did already anyway. Morocco's Royal Family are descendants of the Alaouite Dynasty, which has been ruling since 1631 when it's founder, Moulay Ali Cherif, became Prince of Tafilalt. There are five "pillars of faith" in the Islamic religion and culture. A pillar is an act or a thing that must be done (arkān al-Islām أركان الإسلام; also arkān al-dīn).


In order to become a new Alaouite Prince in Rabat the Palace Imam must be satisfied that the applicant has met the religious requirement in order to take up this role. I studied under an Imam for some time during my stay in Morocco in order to be allowed to become a member of the Royal Household of Moulay Hassan II; my Father in Law and personal friend since stumbling in from the Western Sahara desert. Islam does not really care for Prince or Princess titles hence these are largely irrelevant to being an Alaouite. This is because the Alaouite line are religious where as the title of Prince is secular. It is difficult to explain.


The name Alaouite comes from the Ali of Ali Ibn Abi Talib, Muhammad's son in law and cousin, whose descendant Sharif Ibn Ali became Prince of Tafilalt in 1631. His son Mulay Al Rashid (1664 - 1672) was able to unite and pacify the country. The Alaouite family claim descent from the Prophet Muhammed/Mohammed, founder of the Islamic faith, through his daughter Fatimah az Zahrah and her husband Ali Ibn Abi Talib.


I spent quite a lot of time at the Royal Court of the Palace of Rabat, This is where my father in law Moulay Hassan II held audiences in which Moroccan citizens could approach their King to discuss matrimonial matter or matters relating to theft and petty crime within the community. Here I was allowed to sit next to the King while he listened to the grievances of Moroccan citizens. So I witnessed how my father in law dealt with Moroccan  subjects coming for advice to settle civil disputes all of those years ago.The point being that he was training me in case the Royal House of Alauoite needed an extra help later on. The Moroccan National Press eventually heard that a stranger was sitting next to the King during community audiences at the Palace. A press release was quickly released , by the Palace at Rabat, internationally to introduce me.  


King Hassan was determined to be a modern Monarch and not product of bygone times. To this end he became one of the first kings to have a personal patent registration made within the USA. This he did to set an example of inter continental co-operation, modern business practice, and also  of course, because he needed a patent registration! At the time I suggested that he register the patent in the UK instead. However he knew what he wanted. What he wanted was to continually break down barriers and welcome in mutual co operation between different cultures , and countries, in a way that was modern and up to date. He was determined that the United States must register his invention for him. So that is what happened. This is the press cutting from the New York Times after my father in law registered his patent back in the year 1989:-





The New York Times



Patents; Heart-Study System by King Hassan

By Edmund L. Andrews

Published: February 25, 1989


WASHINGTON— King Hassan II of Morocco this week became the first monarch to patent an invention in the United States.


The King, 59 years old, invented a system to study heart performance that combines videotape and an electrocardiogram. The device, not yet built, is intended to improve the ability of doctors to study heart behavior while a person exercises.


''He's always had an interest in medical science,'' said a spokesman for the Moroccan Embassy in Washington. The King, who is a lawyer, has sponsored several international medical conferences in Rabat, the Moroccan capital, in recent years.


He is also interested in athletics, and believes the invention may be helpful in sports medicine, said Gerald Pohost, director of cardiology at the University of Alabama, who is working with doctors in Morocco on a prototype of the device. How It Works


The invention consists of a video camera, which tracks a person's movements, and sensors attached to the body that detect electrical pulses generated by the heart. The sensors are connected to a transmitter on the patient's belt, which relays data to a recorder. The video images and the sensor data are then synchronized and recorded on a single tape.


Dr. Pohost said the invention could improve the analysis of cardiac problems. At present, he said, people suspected of having heart trouble often wear portable heart monitors and keep a diary of their activities. The diaries are often inaccurate and never complete, making it difficult for doctors to interpret the data.


A spokesman for the Patent and Trademark Office said the invention was the first patented by a king. He added that Lincoln patented an invention for riverboats before he became President.


King Hassan received patent 4,805,631.





Life rolled on and then on again. Moulay Hassan, my father in Law , died on the 23rd July 1999. His first son Prince Mohammed, my brother in law, then went on to become King of Morocco having obtained a degree from France. Whilst his father was still alive. King Mohammed VI obtained his PhD in law with distinction on 29 October 1993 from the French University of Nice Sophia Antipolis for his thesis on "EEC-Maghreb Relations". At this time I was doing a Masters degree , in the Uk, with research into rural land access legislation under the broad heading of green tourism. I have degrees from East London University, Birmingham University, Canterbury University. Also a part assessment & part career experience degree from the USA in criminal law and ethics.


My father in Law Hassan II lived from  9th July 1929 until 23 July 1999 and was King of Morocco between 1961 and 1999. Whilst his wife  Princess Lalla Latifa Amahzoun (Lalla Hammou) was the natural mother of  King Mohammed Vi; King  Hassan II had more than one wife. It is the other side of the family that I was married in to. The other wife of King Hassan II during his long reign was Lalla Fatima bint Qaid Ould Hassan Amhourak who he married back in the 1960's. She was cousin to Princess Latifa Amahzoune (Lalla Hammou).


In the official history of the Moroccan Royal Family no children came from his first wife. In the history of King Hassan II he actually had a daughter Lalla my wife, but no son, from his first wife who died in the 1990's. This daughter became my second wife  over in Rabat, Morocco.  Since she is no longer alive she is never mentioned in Official Moroccan Royal history. 


King Hassan II, my father in law, merely agreed to the marriage recommendation when I was married to the daughter of his first wife. It wasn't his idea because it was the western Sahara bedouin who proposed the marriage arrangement for us! This being my second marriage in life. However; he supported the wishes of his people.


She died at the front of a Moroccan Military execution firing squad. I was there at the time. I couldn't do anything to help her. Since the death of her mother her comments had become that bad that they amounted to treason to the Royal House of Alaouite. I spoke to her quarter of an hour before her death from where she was held in a cell. I felt no feelings against her. She was taken outside and executed by the Moroccan army. 


Photographs of the wedding are still held in Saudi Arabia by the Royal House of Saud. However because of the execution of my wife, in Morocco, no photographs are held by the Royal Alaouite Palace in Rabat, Morocco, anymore. Before the death of my wife I visited the Palace of the Royal House of Saud, in Saudi Arabia, twice. This was as Prince of Morocco and in official capacity whilst also representing the United Kingdom as well. The visits stopped with the death of my wife as we cancelled any further official involvement, and state representation, after her death. After the death of  my father in law King Hassan II , in 1999, I informed by brother in law Mohammed VI that there was no point in me continuing with it if my wife was dead; and he was in agreement.


Had I attended the State Funeral of my father in law, King Hassan II in Morocco, then official duties to and for the Moroccan Crown would have continued when my brother in law took over as King. This was becoming way too complicated as I was becoming a dual nationality person in this way. We were all in agreement, in 1999, that there was no point in continuing with it. Not many people know that King Mohammed VI was in the United Kingdom in the year 1999 as we had to discuss various matters relating to his deceased father, personal issues, and affairs relating to the Palace in Rabat, Morocco.


Other members of  my Moroccan wife's family were also killed a little later over in the middle east. A bombing campaign wiped out the entire family at an oasis. A largish white painted homestead property was bombed on the Ou Oum Oasis and I was made to listen as they called me by radio phone just before the bombing intensified. I heard the screams as they were blown apart, and arms and legs were blown off into the air, and then the radio phone went silent as the equipment went up in flames and was presumably exploded. 


The occupants of the  Ou Oum Oasis Middle East  homestead were un - armed and the army that bombed the property were Israel. Many people don't realise that a large proportion of the population of Morocco are Jewish. It is a hidden community because the  Moroccan State is officially Islamic. I am the only surviving witness left of the Ou Oum massacre outside of the Israeli armed forces.

Whilst I was confirmed both Roman Catholic and later also Islamic ( by taking my vows in Morocco to the Palace Imam upon becoming Prince) many of my Second wife's family killed at Ou Oum , by the army of Israel, were Jewish. Jewish people were launching missiles to blow up un armed Jewish people.


My evidence was having heard the attack by field radio phone from the homestead only. I spoke to those at the homestead through their field radio operator, at the property, as they were bombed and died. Whilst this may seem horrendous it is also the normal  kind of work, of Military Intelligence in the UK, and I was a Military Intelligence Mi6 agent at the time. What  makes it worse is that due to my wife Princess Lalla of Morocco (deceased) some of these people were also my relatives who died. All people who actually saw, with their own eyes, what happened were shot or died in the barrage of missiles from the Israeli Army. The presence of these settlers in the vicinity was not recommended by anybody and was unwise to say the least. But they thought, as nice people, that they were doing something for the good in some sense.


I last spoke to my father  in Law Hassan II in 1998. This was on the telephone and he instructed me that he was going to die soon for some reason as a personal prediction. He had just visited the USA immediately before phoning me. His health was not good by that stage in time anyway. A year later he was gone in the month of July. I still retain the right to the title of Prince of Morocco should there ever be a problem as was the wish of King Hassan II whilst alive. This was mainly as a security measure to help preserve the Alaouite dynasty from civil war and terrorism, in North Africa. The problem became less since the pressure of King Mohammed VI to turn the Alaouite Royal House into more of a constitutional monarchy. 


Mohammed Vi was in the United Kingdom after the death of his father King Hassan II in 1999. We had discussions about his future role as King which at the time he did not want to do as he preferred to start a career in the business community rather than become the new King. We all discussed the matter in depth and finally he took up his position at the Royal Palace at Rabat. So becoming the new King of the African Royal House of Alaouite.  I haven't visited Morocco, or the  Barbary  Coast in general,  since that time. In total I have stayed at the Moroccan Royal Palace in Rabat twice. The first time when crossing the Western Sahara desert after which King Hassan II gave me protection inside the palace. The second time was upon my marriage in Rabat.


The marriage in Rabat was photographed, and in the Media, and I adopted completely Moroccan style clothing for the event as was the correct thing to do in Barbary / Maghreb. As the marriage ceremony was formal I had to go to considerable trouble to be fitted with cloth and head gear considered as being suitable for the formality of the event. I remember trying on the newly tailored garments in the UK; but they were all produced in Morocco, by Moroccan tailors, who live there locally in North Africa. They did a good job for the marriage. My father in law King Hassan II commissioned and paid for the clothing out of the Crown account.


Because my association with the Royal Family of Morocco was originally connected to my friendship with the Western Sahara Desert Sahari Bedouin  tribes something was left specially for me as a gift in the desert. Having married the daughter of the first wife of King Hassan II of Morocco I had already had my arm slashed and the blood from my arm mixed with that of the leader of the Sahari Berbers at the time.  Blood letting, or slashing wrists, is not a Sahari berber custom. When he cut into my wrist he was probably deciding whether to kill me or not. But he didn't. Following on from the wedding, in Morocco, the Sahari , in the Western Sahara, arranged for a small cairn of stones to be erected to help remember the marriage and my acceptance  by the Sahara berbers. Whether this pile of stones still stands in the Western Sahara Desert or not I do not know. It was close to the sea of the west coast and not  so very far inland.


Because of the berber connection , and the desert, I am technically an Alaouite Prince, to Morocco, through my father in Law King Hassan II; but also the same to the Western Sahara desert Bedouin berbers. The northern tip of Morocco, and the Mediterranean Coast line of  Maghreb Barbary, all the way down to the south west tip of the Sahara Desert is quite a large area. In fact a very large area!


I have been married twice and my first wife in the early 1980's was Tina Braybrook ( Aka Tina Kerti). Tina was a fashion model , and actress in the USA and UK, who lived in  Northamptonshire, UK.  She was half African and half British as her natural father was born in Africa. Her mother was a light skinned woman with blonde hair and her natural father was a dark skinned African man. In fact my partners, from both marriages, were of African originating families. I had known Tina since the age of 8 and in the beginning we loved each other so much that we couldn't bear to be without each other.  


Because my first wife was a career model, and later on a film actor, we used to be invited to media receptions, and launches, which were often at expensive hotels in London. On one occasion I had been invited to a media reception at a west London hotel venue to attend with my wife Tina who had just finished a film acting contract and needed the promotion. It was a black tie do and we were all dress up up like penguins with the quintessential black tie. I think my wife had some sort of contract coming up at BBC television - Shepherds Bush at the time in London.


The caterers had gone overboard with the food which was great quality. Upon entering one of my wife's fellow staff from television decided to have a go at me repeatedly accusing me of having a fake marriage despite the fact that we managed two surviving children by the end of it! He was saying that it was a sham!. I picked a full bowl of pink blancmange up and smashed it over his head and dinner jacket. He went small for a short while and then flew into a rage.  I had already walked out of the hotel reception front door and he decided to follow.


The press were outside waiting for people to leave for them to photo and interview. The man shouted at me and came at me with intent to strangle me. The press gang were shouting and jeering and the flash guns started to fire ten to the dozen! I picked him up and used a move that I knew from my grandad Reg' Siddle who had been a physical Quakers Team (Darlington City Football Team 1920's and 1930's) , and Spennymoor United, footballer  and boxer in his day. It is called the slam.


I picked the television guy up in the air then slammed him down onto the hard concrete following a brief head-butt.  This is the only time that I have ever carried out a head-butt in my life and it would have to have been in front of press cameras wouldn't it ? The press were delighted and the Sun Newspaper who had already photographed my wife Tina for  page three model purposes more than once, and other newspapers, photographed the incident. We were both accused of staging an event to get my wife Tina another acting contract. She was awarded a brand new film acting contract after the publicity; but we didn't do it on purpose as the incident was genuine.


The whole incident led to a problem. The problem was that this guy lying on the pavement being photographed by goodness how many press photographers was actually the man who  was supposed to be doing a lot of the dangerous stunt shots in the new movie. Because he was injured by me that left no stunt man. Guess what? I covered all of the stunt shots myself and wasn't paid  for doing so while he was lying in hospital! I agreed to cover every single one of the dangerous film angles for my wife's contract film. That is the only time that I have ever appeared in one of the films that she made. I didn't mind doing it because I got a buzz of excitement from the bits that I did; but I would never do it again because I am not interested in the film industry! The film Industry was her job! The film industry was her career! She may never have been right at the top of the acting profession but she still got to do her bits and pieces in British BBC and ITV films. Also American Hollywood  film sets the same as those who were at the top of the profession.


Doing the various stunts for my wife's film I earned the fee of the original stunt man who I had placed into hospital. It was about £30,000 for the appearances within this one film. One has to remember that £30,000 back in the 1980's was quite a lot of money. Especially to perform stunt roles that could potentially lead to a permanent disability; which is why it was highly paid! By 1980's standards this was a good rate of pay for appearing as a stuntman in just one film. I paid the money over to him , as I had promised, despite the fact that the film company insisted that they would only pay me because it was I who did the work.


To understand the value of £30,000, back in the 1980's, one needs to look back at what regional house prices, in various UK areas, were doing at the time. I did a few other bits , of a similar ilk, but then it ended because I wasn't interested in being an actor. My career has always been land and property policy related. Or MI6 external armed agent for occasional overseas missions when I was younger. But always land and property all the way back to 1983.


In all I did film clips of me jumping a hoop of fire on a motorbike. Jumping parked  cars on a motor bike. Jumping parked cars in a car. Crashing a car into the sea off of the south coast of the UK and hanging off the side of a high rise office block being filmed. As I was acting as stuntman to the lead actor my face does not appear in any shot of film taken. I appear as the faceless double for the lead actor in every single stunt filmed. 


I wasn't happy about doing stunts for the film industry as it was taking up time that would have been better spent abroad doing more armed mission work the SIS/Mi6. Never the less somebody will probably remind me one day of some film, or other, where I was seen doing the special stunt stuff that year. All of those years ago; a long long time ago!


Following doing the stunts summer time was still progressing so we carried on doing even more of the stunt stuff for a while in a carnival type atmosphere for the public. I began to like doing motorbike jumps in a private field and was filmed jumping cars and through a hoop lit with petrol and flames, for a while. All for the camera. I got on the news for the motorbike jumps and in one jump event my leather jacket set on fire so badly that I received third degree skin burns to my back and had to go to hospital.


Because I decided to carry on with the film stunt work I was paid more, for my appearances, and it was very well paid. However because I was later divorced from my wife the money went on an out of court settlement whereby I paid her a cheque. Otherwise I would be living in a much larger property than I have to live in today.


If anybody has access to early Tina Kerti/Braybrook films from the 1980's then when ever you see a car jumping parked cars, a motorbike flying in the air, or a guy falling off a high rise office block then the guy doing that is me. I appeared in the stunts for every single one of the early films done by my wife. That was on the United Kingdom side though. I can't remember who did the stunt work for her USA film industry work.


Acting is always what we call "closed shop" and very much "union led" but after my assault on the other stuntman, in London, I was given a temporary Equity Card allowing me to do stunt movie shots for a little while. I wasn't all that interested in it; but I did it for a while I guess!


But then it ended as quickly as it had begun. BBC television , and ITV television, both have news item film clips somewhere in their archive vaults of me doing tricks with motorbikes and biplanes for the camera in the summer sun of the late 1980's. Also of the time that I was set on fire having jumped through an incinerated hoop of fire, and over parked cars, on a motorbike. All just memories of past times now though! However it did mean that both film studio stunt man, and me as his replacement, ended up in hospital at the same time during the same summer. I don't remember the pain of the skin on my back burning; I just remember the crowds roaring and clapping. It was great for a change of job role for just one summer!


Having done tricks with motorbikes, and biplanes, we really got into the flying stuff for a little while. Or maybe I mean I did! I had been trained to fly whilst in Royal Air Force Training Corps ATC 1084 squadron. So the opportunity to fly with Lydd Airport in Kent seemed pretty good to me. We took this a bit further and I ended up flying Tina over to France on a light aircraft from Lydd Airport in Kent. She didn't like it too much but the flight was a present. So that is what we did at the time. I didn't keep up the flying apart from a brief time of using it in North Africa. However that was on official duty for SIS and nothing to do with pleasure flights.


I accompanied my wife Tina on various occasions to  film studio , and similar, visits whilst she was doing modelling and film acting. I saw Hollywood while she was doing a minor film part there; but they liked her and hated me. Who could blame them. I was known to be connected to SIS/Mi6. Exactly what they don't want hovering around a film set. I was there when she did her music album cover photo on an American Safari Park. I was there at various other events and film set days. We both saw Las Vegas, New York City, et al. Whatever. All belongs in the past and the past is not where I live. 




 The End of Tina Kerti's Career at the Age of 32?



From her modelling days, page three Sun Newspaper topless appearances, cinema films and television films many may wonder where Tina went? Especially in the United States. Indeed she had a United Kingdom/USA fan club that yielded many fan letters per week. 


She finished her career by about the age of 32. This was for a number of reasons. These reasons include the fact that she had become involved with people who were less than good cookies by the end of her acting career.


Two incidents marked the end of her acting by about the age of 32.


One incident was in the United States. This involved a meeting in which she was with me when we were talking to FBI at one of their high rise office blocks. In this incident they threw her from the office block, from an upper floor window, and she was splattered over the side walk (pavement for we folk in the UK who use British English). Technically she was dead having been flung from a high rise office block!...... But; there you go I still managed to get her to an American hospital and we flung around a few body parts and the surgeons got her stitched up back together again! They were good surgeons and helped an awful lot.


She lived on with some changes to her anatomy care of good old USA surgery. I did mention, earlier in my life story, that all that is left of the original me is my head and brain following an incident when I was a teenager earlier in life. The main part of my body is a replacement from somebody else who died young.  Well; pretty much the same became true of Tina. I think the word is hybrid to the finished result once the surgeons have done their work. It goes down as scientific research I believe when they complete this sort of operation procedure at a hospital.


The other incident was in London in the UK. Her agent and her, had become too verbose and were becoming too involved with matters that were criminal the same as  in America. Her commercial agent was shot dead at a hotel in central London and SIS - Military Intelligence Section 6 issued a press gagging notice after his death.  As far as MI6  were concerned the problem , of international criminality, ended with the shooting of her acting agent. 


So there you have it. Both FBI  in America, and Mi6  in the UK, objected to her on the grounds of proven acts of criminality. That's why her career was halted.


In America supposed FBI staff made the decision to catapult her from the side of the FBI high rise office of their own accord. This was nothing to do with the United Kingdom. In the UK I personally shot her commercial agent, in his hotel room in London, using ammunition supplied by the armoury of SIS, Military Intelligence Headquarters, at Vauxhall Cross in London.


The whole matter was subject to a Press Gagging "D" notice served by the SIS Headquarters, at Vauxhall Cross, and not by me. However quite a lot of newspapers already had the matter in news print before the "D" notice was issued. Hence it was in the press world wide at the time.


Unfortunately some people in life get a little bit too big in their attempts to take over their portion of the "cake" once they have seen a little tiny bit of fame. Tina , and her agent, were that sort of person/s. Their activities were not limited to acting and modelling contracts and many plans for the future had become embroiled in international criminality.


In the immediate past before the American incident in which she was thrown out of  an FBI high rise upper floor office window something strange happened. The strange event was that her commercial career agent in London , who decided on where she travelled to at all times, had taken out a massive life assurance policy through a London City broker in case of her death as his client. The policy possibly could have furnished him with enough money to set him up for life as one of the named beneficiaries to the policy.


Unfortunately he died of a bullet wound, in his  London hotel room, before he was ever able to either claim it or spend it. Also unfortunately I arranged for my ex wife to have surgery at an American hospital after being thrown out of a high rise in which case she wasn't dead. If she wasn't dead then no life assurance payout would be due to the named beneficiary or beneficiaries back in London City.


We believe the intention of the Life Assurance Policy was a lead up to her murder and that the event at the FBI Office , in America, was the first attempt at her murder in order to release the life assurance payout. We also believe that a small number of less than honest FBI armed agents had received offers of a payment, from her life assurance policy, should they manage to kill her during her visit to the USA.


Having thrown her from an FBI High Rise Office two "supposed" FBI armed agents later visited my home in the UK with firearms. I was shot in the arm, , when they burst into the property and  one of them opened fire on me where I was sitting on the sofa. However  I  escaped and opened fire on them with my pistol. The American agent who shot me in the arm was shot dead, by me, having come back around behind him with my pistol from behind. We got a new sofa out of it as the old one had bullet holes in it and my blood stains.


Let this be a lesson as to the capabilities of United Kingdom Mi6 armed staff with military training. We will not tolerate armed criminals be they from a crooked paramilitary family or of a federal state employment source; it makes no difference to state policing in the UK what so ever. If they are criminal then they are criminal. End of!!!!


The truth is I was both used to and sick of gun fights. This event in the Uk was a gun fight. Northern France there had been a gun fight near the ferry dock. London there was a gun fight. It is too much and I didn't want it.


Ignoring Mi6 missions, abroad, for which I was accustomed to using both explosives and firearms Tina , my ex wife, had in herself become a pain in the neck! Causing trouble, causing conflict, doing dodgy deals, causing a murder plan to be invented in which she was the one to be killed by her own agent, bogus life assurance claims by her acting agent, and killings between the state and criminal fraternity.


After the death of her agent, when I shot the man dead in a West London hotel, somebody had to go and as far as the UK state was concerned she had become an expensive liability and had to be the one to go! So ended her first acting career at the age of 32. What she does now, from 2019 onwards, is her choice; hopefully as a now more mature acting profession person looking back on a previous career without delusions of grandeur.


You know it's strange! We always said that the end of  Tina's acting at the age of 32, or so, was the best introduction to her best selling film to be! What she needs to do is to play herself and get somebody , probably an American Cine company again, to cast her playing an older version of herself looking back on her own life and times. With a younger woman playing a stand in of her to show her life in earlier days. It would be a best seller because she still has a fan base in America.


As yet nobody has said that they want to make her life story film and she is difficult to trace because she uses a different name these days. The film still needs to be made though! For one thing; "Tina was the female who inspired the song "Torn"  ( see further below!) that both my old acquaintance Anne Preven, (Looby Loo) back in the 1980's, & Natalie Imbruglia had world wide successful hit singles with". The film, if ever made, would have the same response as both these versions of the song did in the music industry. It would be a box office sell out within the film industry!


Andrew Siddle                                                                                                                                     07/05/19    RM Reserves Major Andrew Siddle - SIS Military Intelligence Section 6 external armed agent. (1985 to 1992 with final armed recall in 1999/2000) 




My career, and ability to work on various projects will not finish until I'm in my nineties, hopefully, and people like me don't "fade away" because I am not willing to be an "old soldier". As Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said in a poem ; and I quote:-



Psalm of Life by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


"Tell me not, in mournful numbers, 
   Life is but an empty dream! 
For the soul is dead that slumbers, 
   And things are not what they seem. 
Life is real! Life is earnest! 
   And the grave is not its goal; 
Dust thou art, to dust returnest, 
   Was not spoken of the soul. 
Not enjoyment, and not sorrow, 
   Is our destined end or way; 
But to act, that each to-morrow 
   Find us farther than to-day. 
Art is long, and Time is fleeting, 
   And our hearts, though stout and brave, 
Still, like muffled drums, are beating 
   Funeral marches to the grave. 
In the world’s broad field of battle, 
   In the bivouac of Life, 
Be not like dumb, driven cattle! 
   Be a hero in the strife! 
Trust no Future, howe’er pleasant! 
   Let the dead Past bury its dead! 
Act,— act in the living Present! 
   Heart within, and God o’erhead! 
Lives of great men all remind us 
   We can make our lives sublime, 
And, departing, leave behind us 
   Footprints on the sands of time; 
Footprints, that perhaps another, 
   Sailing o’er life’s solemn main, 
A forlorn and shipwrecked brother, 
   Seeing, shall take heart again. 
Let us, then, be up and doing, 
   With a heart for any fate; 
Still achieving, still pursuing, 
   Learn to labor and to wait."





 To the Future



Suggestions and Experimentation revolving around the concept of inter galactic star gate travel are already in progress. The kind of  short range teleport system seen on classic weekly sci fi programmes such as Star Trek may already seem well behind the times to some. This being once people release how much more advanced a star gate particle diffuser transporter gate and particle re - assembler receiver gate could be! If the technology is perfected!


In the 1980's I witnessed an experimental UK military particle diffuser which had been built to be powerful enough to diffuse, project, and reassemble a military tank in the UK. This being over a very long distance and for a UK Military Intelligence experimental  technology unit that was attached to the Army.


The technology to teleport existed, in the UK, but had not been perfected. It was considered as being too dangerous for a human being to be transported but alright for a metal object , such as a tank, at the time then. We are now several decades on in time, and maybe it is over thirty years since I saw what I saw. In the UK the technology is now probably somewhere near to being completed by Military Intelligence as at 2019.


So it is our future that we head towards; and the star gate system of space and time travel is yet to be perfected by mankind....yet we already know that it can be done. To the future!! A long and rewarding journey  ;)



Andrew Siddle                                                                                       12/01/19

(RM Reserves Major Andrew Siddle, SIS Military Intelligence Section 6 External Armed Agents - 1985 to 1992  with final recall around 1999/2000)




Andrew Siddle



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(N.B:-  Some of the events mentioned in this autobiography were originally declared official secrets, in the UK, by virtue of the Official Secrets Act 1911 as amended by the Official Secrets Act 1989 (C 6). (C 6 of the Official Secrets Act 1989 replaces Section 2 of the 1911 Act.). The only autobiographical events, protected by The Official Secrets Act 1989, mentioned  above are classified as low security by SIS  in the UK. As low security classified events they may be published by the UK Press, and media , once twenty years have expired since the event. Twenty years have now expired.)




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      Photo of Andrew Siddle and first wife Tina Braybrook (AKA Tina Kerti)


                                                                              ( Park Road area, Kettering, Northants, UK - back in the 1980's)


Below is a late 1980‘s photograph of my first wife Tina Braybrook ( AKA Tina Kerti). This was photographed at a Safari Park Photo shoot in the United States. The photograph is from a series of shots both in a film and also on a music industry album cover in America which is well known in the USA. We were both in America when the photograph was taken. Also myself Andrew Siddle in the other photograph. 


Tina was given her first fashion model contract by the age of fourteen and later went on to become a film actor. I had known her since the age of 8  and used to go out around town with her when I was 8 hand in hand. Her acting career was mainly in the USA but with some United Kingdom films. Especially a number of films shot from the BBC Shepherds Bush studio, London, how it used to be.  I also started work at the age of fourteen doing a fast food job. However I quickly switched to the property and land industries as my career started. 


My  first wife , Tina, was well known in the UK  in the 1980‘s, because she was given newspaper coverage by the Sun Newspaper as a page three model. The number of film industry work opportunities, available to her, would have been much smaller had the Sun Newspaper not been willing to support her as a page three model. Her Sun Newspaper appearances led to a lot of film appearance contract offers within her career.


BBC Television, at Shepherds Bush, London.



Photograph of the old BBC studios main entrance at Shepherds Bush , London.  How it used to be back in time!

The Mystery of the origin of Natalie Imbruglia  song “Torn” solved?



Ednaswap was a rock band from Los Angeles, United States, that existed between 1993 and 1998. Over a span of five years, the band released four major label records on East West, Elektra Records and Island Records. However there was an older line up of the Ednaswap band back in 1980's.This is when the song Torn was written.


"As I remember it the lead singer with Ednaswap, had a job at a local American hospice as a nurse, before she started to sing with the other members of the band.....


My first wife Tina Braybrook (Aka Tina Kerti) was receiving treatment at the same hospital in between acting parts in London and American film sets. She got to chatting to my first wife and in some way this inspired her to start to sing.


The Already Torn song revolves around a conversation , about life, that the Ednaswap lead singer had with Tina when Tina was under going mental health therapy at the hospice that she was working in.. It is good that the inspiration for the song came!


However , as with many people suffering mental health issues, my first wife wasn't making complete sense and wasn't telling the whole truth in her conversation all of those years back at the hospice..


The nurse who was the first singer in Ednaswap in the 1980's did not carry on with the band and was later replaced. The band stopped when the nurse left; then reformed later with a new lead singer ready for the 1990's.


So the original writer of "Torn" disappeared back into working life in Los Angeles whereas the Ednaswap band went on to later produce albums with the song on. Great song though!...


who cares what inspired Ednaswap to write it when they did so at the end of the day... (" Illusion never changed into something real" should give you an indication of the kind of chat that my wife Tina had with her at the hospital before the song was put to music all of those many many years ago.....time flies and Tina has a different first name and doesn't do acting much anymore...all in

the past).


The band Ednaswap had already existed , with a different lead singer, before the new line up that started to release albums in 1993. 


A number of people have assumed, over the years, that Anne Preven was something to do with

the writing of this song as second lead singer of Ednaswap. In fact she played on this fact at a music industry interview in London. She didn't write it. 


I was there when the first lead singer of the band wrote it because I visited my wife in Los Angeles and met the nurse who wrote it at the hospice.


The problem was that the nurse who wrote "Torn", "which is just the things that my wife said set to music all those years back in Los Angeles Hospice in the1980's", was an employee of the hospice company that Anne Preven's father controlled. Accordingly Anne wanted her to stop writing music and wanted her to disappear back in to the working masses! End of!


I never especially liked Anne and I never will all that much. If ever I have to sit in a restaurant, or bar, with Anne Preven and collegaues, she always does the same thing! She calls me by her nickname for me which was always Andy Pandy back then when we were sitting around in Los Angeles. "Andy Pandy" is a British children's television series that premiered on BBC TV in summer 1950...;)


What we can say is that the song "Torn" is an Ednaswap song but that is was written in the 1980's before Anne Preven was anything to do with the song. 


Also that Ednaswap have never had copyright rights to the song because the original nurse/band member who penned the words left and ceased to be in the music industry.


Natalie Imbruglia, from Australia, later did a cover version of this song but the original was written in a hospice, in Los Angeles, where my first wife was receiving mental health therapy. 


It was the nurse who treated my wife who went on to

write and sing "Torn" as the band Ednaswap. It is just my wife's words during a conversation at the hospice set to music.


"I was there in Los Angeles, USA, visiting my wife when the song was written!"


While in America I also went to see their stage performances so I saw them all both on stage and off stage as well. No big deal!


Anne Preven


Photograph of Anne Preven - Musician , song writer , and producer.


Back in the 1980's/1990's she used to call me Andy Pandy and I used to reply , when in the mood, by calling her Looby Loo in return.


The song Torn was written by a nurse employed by the hospice under the control of Anne's Father in Los Angeles. I believe the nurse may still live in Los Angeles but does not work at the same place. Unfortunately the song "Torn" used the words of my wife who was a patient there at Los Angeles Hospice in between film contracts.


Anne's father stopped the using of the words of a patient in a song by demanding that the nurse stop all involvement in the music industry. She gave up being a singer and just carried on with her job as a Hospice nurse.                                                                    A fewYears later Anne Preven picked the song up again and it was used in a new version of Torn with a new band                                                                    line up and recording contract in 1993. At no stage did my wife object to the use of her words as the lyrics to the                                                                       song.

Andrew Siddle                                                                              29/10/18





Photographs of the Nevada Desert, USA.



I slept out in the Nevada Desert during the 1980's whilst riding cross country , from one side of America to the other, on a motorbike to a final destination of New York City. People were calling at 6 am the following morning so I headed back to the road and continued my bike journey alone.


I turned off the road and over the scrub till I reached a rocky outcrop and slept under the shadow of the rock with my motorbike next to me. In all I slept two days in the desert at different locations.


It was between my two nights sleeping out in the desert that an American News company filmed me, and did an on the road interview, while I was riding along on my bike.


The Nevada Desert, USA, and the Western Sahara Desert, Africa, hold some of the most vivid memories remaining at the back of my brain's store of imagery from life.

  Photos - Changing Face of Time



Photographs, of the changes of time, from the early 1980's onwards!


The above link is to the website of the Property Consultants Society. I have been a member since the year 1990 and the Society was first incorporated on the 26th day of April 1954.. The Property Consultants Society act as an "umbrella" membership society for anybody who works in the Property and land industries at a qualified level. As an example a Chartered Surveyor , Master Builder on a building site, Chartered Engineer, or Chartered Accountant may wish to be a member if their category of work includes Property Consultancy. There is also a membership level for students wishing to qualify to work within the property and land industries. A property Consultant may be somebody who works for a client, employer, as an independent Consultant, or in partnership with others on a self employed basis for land and property projects. 



Books and Poetry by Andrew Siddle




Andrew Siddle Further on up the road promotional video produced in 2017.

Poetry books written by Andrew Siddle with poems from 1983 onwards.

The Travelling Man Series - Eclectic poetry by Andrew Siddle in four volumes with illustrations and author's comments ( or distant ramblings as they are!).




The African Royal House of Alaouite, Morocco, Maghreb, North Africa



The link below leads to the official Arab history of the Royal Alaouite dynasty in Morocco, North Africa. As son in law of the now deceased King Hassan II I am the brother in law of the Monarch King Mohammed Vi  from my second marriage. After an exchange of letters I married King Hassan's daughter  from his first wife's side of the family. King Hassan's first wife was called Lalla Fatima bint Qaid Ould Hassan Amhourak. She bore no son but a daughter called Lalla who was my second wife in life. Lalla, my wife, later died at the Royal Palace of Rabat following a number of problematic incidents. I am the last survivor of the Hassan/Amhourak Alauoite family since the death of my wife Lalla in the 1990's. All other members of the Royal family were produced by the second wife of the King who was cousin to my mother in law Lalla Amhourak. My brother in law King  Mohammed VI was the son of the second wife of Moulay Hassan II, Lalla Latifa Amahzoun (Lalla Hammou), so technically is a different family unit to me. Moulay Hassan, my father in law, later died on July 23rd 1999.  Photographs of the wedding are still held in Saudi Arabia by the Royal House of Saud. The Alauoite Royal family, in Morocco, moved on to the family of the second wife of King Hassan II . Hence they no longer hold photographs of matters relating to King Hassan's first wife who died together with her daughter my wife. Below are official tourist photos of the Royal House of Alaouite Palace at Rabat. Also of my Father in law from my second marriage King Moulay Hassan II, The Palace of Rabat, Morocco, was my home and where I was staying at the time of my marriage to Lalla the only daughter of King Hassan by his first marriage. Lalla was executed by a Moroccan State firing squad on the proven charge of Treason against the Moroccan State and my Father in Law King Hassan II. I was with her during her final fifteen minutes of life which she spent in a secure cell before being taken out to be shot. She refused to stop saying the things that she was and refused to apologise. Her death was swift and she did not suffer.

(The photo on the bottom centre was an officially photographed public meeting between my father in law , King Moulay Hassan II, and the United Kingdom Monarch of my country Queen Elizabeth II on an official visit in 1980)


Picture of the official coat of arms of the Royal House of Alaouite in Morocco.



The current coat of arms of Morocco as at 2018 (formally, the royal coat of arms) was introduced 14 August 1957. It was developed by the graphic artists Gauthier and Hainaut and shows a green pentagram, specifically a two-dimensional Penrose pentacle on a red background before the Atlas Mountains and a rising sun. The royal crown is on top. Two lions function as the holders of the shield. On the ribbon underneath, the Arabic inscription is written: (Arabic: إن تنصروا الله ينصركم‎) (If you glorify God, He will glorify you) (Quran, Verse 7, Sura 47).


The Western Sahara Desert and Morocco to the North



Photos and map of the Western Sahara , in North Africa, and Morocco. As clear in my memory now as the day I ventured over the sands back in the late 1980's. Adopted by the Sahari berbers and then made Part of the family of Moulay Hassan II by virtue of the only daughter of his first wife. The Western desert either works for people or it doesn't. For me it is wild and beautiful. To many people it is just frightening. That is the difference.



The Manorial Guild  Manorial Roll



The following link is to the Manorial Guild website. They are based at Newport , Gwent, South Wales, UK. It has been the ambition of the Manorial Guild to maintain a comprehensive list of Manorial titles for the Uk. This has been successful to some extent. The Lord of the Manor of Sydal title , for Lancashire County, is listed on their manorial roll listing which can be viewed below:- 


Kersal Cell in North West England



Kersal Cell was a property that was built in the year 1563 and used for many years as a Cluniac Monastry within the Salford one hundred area of north west England. It's lands consisted of three acquired estates which included the Sydal Moor area of  west Lancashire.  The old Alderman and Lord of the Manor of Sydal Titles, relating to the Moors area, were never claimed back following the removal of the monastic order of the time. Kersal Cell is now a Grade II listed protected status property.

The North West England Saxon Period Moors of Siddle



Below are 1910 Ordnance Survey Maps of Sydal Moor lands in north west England. These show various points of interest including Sydal Farm, Siddal Moor Farm, Siddal Moor, Sydall House, Siddal  Fold. Prior to the Norman conquest , of 1066 ACE, the entire area including a hamlet and Siddal Moor rural lands were under the custodianship of the Syddle family as their managed lands. As Aldermen for the area the Siddle family were a West Saxon allegiance rural Moors family pushed north during the Saxon period of British history. All would have originated from  what became Wessex in the south of previous times. Whether the name Siddle indicates an actual Saxon family, or an historic Moorish family with allegiance to the Saxons (meaning brown skinned rural Moorish people, originating from Spain and North Africa, in the dark age period) is largely speaking a matter for conjecture. Moorish culture did pervade in rural Moorland areas during the dark age Saxon period of Britain. A lot of confusion exists as to what a Saxon is. The reason is that the word Saxon indicates a Dark Age period type of sword and not actually a race of people. Hence anybody who used a Saxon sword , as introduced from central Europe, was labelled as being a Saxon. Also maybe a special type of dagger known as the  Seax.  In reality the people of this period were a mixed bunch of various racial origins.

The Moors Countryside in Lancashire - My Place of Birth


Above are pictures of the Moors Country in Lancashire where I was born. The final and fourth picture is Pendle Hill . Pendle Hill is famous , in history, as being the site associated with the Pendle witches who were put to death by the Army and Witch Finder General appointed by Oliver Cromwell. The place that I was born was Padiham and we were within easy walking distance of Pendle Hill. So much so that I dissapeared and wandered/toddled over there at the age of  2 to 3 on my own one day back in the 1960's.



Royal Marine & Royal Marine Reserves Ranks



Below is an illustration of the Royal Marines, and Royal Marine Reserves, rank structure for officers as at 2019. My rank as Officer of the Kent RM cadets was Major and also for field service with the reserves. My field service included knocking out a gun emplacement, as campaign officer, in a full uniformed summertime beach assault in the east Mediterranean amongst other things.


Although my position with the  RM Reserves, and Kent cadet force, ended by the end of the 1990's I am still listed, in 2019, as an active plain clothes reserve to Military Intelligence, Section 6, and this is my plain clothes rank for their missions as well.


As MI6 seconded officers, from the armed forces, are paid expenses only the option to select which campaigns to accept is a right of the individual. SIS have a large enough list of specialists to make this a possibility and it also ensures the greatest chance of success, in a State mission, by taking only enthusiastic personnel.


I started voluntary service to the RM reserves, and cadet force, at the rank of Lieutenant but was promoted later. When I first started I was classified as a University Undergraduate Reserve Officer within the Kent cadet force. At the time I was living in an apartment on Teasal Way, West Ham in East London, and had to travel down to Kent to their cadet forces hut.


My appointment was having switched to the Royal Marine Reserves from  RAF Air Training Corps 1084 Squadron where I did my initial military training and foot drill et al. I had been with 1084 Squadron since the age of 14.


I did basic training and also completed the All Arms Commando physical training & Initiative Course which makes me a green beret Royal Marines Commando for armed campaign purposes.


Whilst most of the RM cadets work was voluntary SIS, Military Intelligence Section 6 , pay full expenses for any armed campaign work that they require from their plain clothes officers drawn from the armed forces and military reserves.


Technically I remain plain clothes Major Andrew Siddle as I was seconded to MI6 from the uniformed RM Reserves, and Kent Royal Marines cadet force, for SIS missions all that time ago.



Andrew Siddle                                         17/03/19





Gruinard Island, Scotland, UK - Anthrax Death Island in the early 1980's




Photographs of Gruinard Island in Scotland. This was where I undertook my very first assignment as a special agent for Secret Intelligence Services back in the early 1980's. Gruinard was heavily infected with Anthrax spores, following World War II Anthrax bomb tests, years ago previously. The job was to take regular meter readings to detect the level of spore contamination for Military Intelligence. The land was held by the Ministry of Defence. When the spores were cleared it was later sold back to the original owner for £500 in the late 1980's:-



Secret Intelligence Services . Military Intelligence Section 6 Head Quarters in the 1980's



This photo is the London based head quarters of Secret Intelligence Services more traditionally known as Military Intelligence Section 6. Photographed in the late 1980's. First started in the year 1909 by Captain Mansfield Cumming. The first head of Mi6  Mansfield Cumming was famous for the fact that he signed all official documents with the letter "C" instead of putting a full signature. This was in order to not reveal his identity to outside contacts.


I worked as a paid expenses only external armed agent to Mi6 for a period between 1985 and 1992. Culminating in a final recall for an armed services operation in  the year 1999/2000. My rank and level was finally set at SIS special plain clothes armed services Major.  I was also a uniformed Royal Marine Reserve forces Major having been commanding officer of Kent        Royal Marine Cadets for one year in Kent county. 





This is the badge of SIS as at 2018; better known as Military Intelligence Section 6 . MI6 cover International intelligence concerns of the United Kingdom, as a covert military  contentious issue operations unit, and intelligence gathering operations.


The motto SEMPER OCCULTUS , beneath the brain coat of arms, means ALWAYS SECRET ; and that is exactly the way that Military Intelligence Section 6 will always be.

My Italian Beretta Revolver from the 1980's


This is the type of Italian Beretta revolver that I had in the 1980's and 1990's. It was already behind the times when I got one but I wanted to be armed with it for sentimental reasons. I had undertaken armed service, for Military Intelligence Section 6, in the Italian countryside and this was the standard weapon of many Italian rural police officers in the early 1980's. Whilst staying in Italy they allowed me to use the local police shooting range to keep up my skills and treated my like a friend. I got my own Beretta revolver which I used between 1985 and 1992 ( with final recall in 1999-2000). Between these years I was supposed to be armed and used my own Beretta instead of a released hand arm from Vauxhall Cross armoury in London. The arrangement was that Vauxhall Cross provided the ammunition and service checked my hand arm once per year. However I always refused to have one of their more modern hand arms favouring my own trusty Beretta. After 1993 I no longer had a personal firearm but still was granted one, for armed work, from Vauxhall Cross SIS/Mi6 armoury from time to time up until about the year 2000. I have used hand arms, semi automatic  assault rifles, hand  grenades, shoulder mounted rocket launchers, TNT, Dynamite, and sub machine guns as an  RM Reserves officer  seconded to SIS - Mi6. Basically Military Intelligence are a plain  clothes  branch of the United Kingdom armed forces. Military Intelligence are involved in international data gathering, international armed military campaigns, and random international crime incidents requiring armed reaction (often involving mercenary foes).