Covert Human Intelligence Sources ( Criminal Conduct ) Bill 2020







As with all people who have had an undisclosed second, concealed  SIS/Mi6,  career involving  covert plain clothes armed work  overseas/covert intelligence gathering, I know that Covert Intelligence work is governed by set parameters. Many of these parameters are already established within  the Official Secrets Acts of 1911 and 1989. This is part of the basic training of a Covert Intelligence operative.


I stopped doing plain clothes work involving firearms in the year 2001 and many people have  said that the legislative framework under which agents operate needs to be modernised , and verified, over the years.


H.M. Government, in 2019/2020  under the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, have set about trying to define the exact parameters under which both armed agents, and intelligence surveillance agents, should operate under. This being both in the United Kingdom and more importantly , internationally, abroad.


To this end the new Covert  Human Intelligence  Sources ( Criminal Conduct ) Bill has been recommended by the current Government headed by Boris Johnson.


The Covert Intelligence ( Criminal Conduct ) Bill 2020 is currently being discussed subject to scrutiny by the House of Lords.


Below is a link to the legislative CHIS factsheet for further information about the scope of the new Bill when it finally becomes a Statute:-



  • Key Facts/Figures

    • CHIS have helped to identify and disrupt many of the terrorist plots our agencies have stopped.
    • In 2018, CHIS operations led the National Crime Agency to disrupt over 30 threats to life, arrest numerous serious organised criminals, seize over 3000kg of Class A drugs, safeguard over 200 people, and take   almost 60 firearms and 4000 rounds of ammunition off the street.
    • In the last year, CHIS operations by Metropolitan police have led to 3500 arrests, recovery of over 100 firearms and 400 other weapons, seizure of over 400 kg of Class A drugs, and over £2.5m cash.
    • Between 2017-19, HMRC CHIS have prevented hundreds of millions of pounds of tax loss. One case       alone is anticipated to prevent loss of revenue to the Treasury, estimated to exceed £100 million.


           Andrew Siddle



(Major Sir Andrew Siddle, Kt - R.M. Reserves Major seconded to SIS/Mi6 plain clothes armed duties - 1985 to 2001)