Towards a Distant Horizon (Rambling all the Way)

Towards a Distant Horizon

(Rambling all the Way!)



The publication of the above , fourth book in the series by Andrew Siddle,

is now scheduled for the end of July. The soft cover version will be available in August onwards and the ebook version will follow in early 2019.


The quintessential Andy Siddle mix of rhyme, prose poem, illustrations, and author's random observations ( or Distant Ramblings as they are!)...Coming soon:-


Towards a Distant Horizon: (Rambling all the Way!)

Authored by Andrew D Siddle

6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm) 

Black & White on White paper





The new Andy Siddle poetry book , Towards a Distant Horizon, will be available in soft cover version in late 2018. It will be Published by Createspace who are the publishing arm of Amazon Books International. Later in 2019. It will also be professionally converted to ebook format by OsmoRa Publishing for those who prefer to read on screen.